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Bookie0 (2795)
FoRtUnE_TeLLeR 🔮 ✨
### Heerrrrrloooo people!!! :) :D Come, come, yes all of you, come here if you seek the fortune of ye close ones... You shall know what’ll happen in...
BobTheTomatoPie (989)
Sanctuary Simulator (Beta)
### Sanctuary Simulator Welcome to the first version of Sanctuary Simulator, my new game where you can simulate a sanctuary that you design. This is i...
Bookie0 (2795)
Cool Rocket Animation!
### Hello_glorious_people_of_repl! This_is_a_very_short_animation_of_a_countdown_and_a_rocket. Ye_that’s_all. As_usual,_comments,_suggestions_tips_e...
BobTheTomatoPie (989)
Yellow Stone Zombies: An Apocalypse Game (300 Cycles Special)
### Yellow Stone Zombies After the Yellow Stone Super Volcano erupted a zombie apocalypse began, your goal is to fight your way to the final boss at t...
xolyon (332)
The Endless RPG!!
Limitless fun! , every scenario NEW! ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ #Intro# Yeah this took a long while to make, so give me the upvote for the eff...
DannyIsCoding (492)
G.O.O.S.E (100 Cycles Special) :)
I want to thank all of you for helping me reach 100 cycles! For reaching this milestone I made this game. Thanks @CodingCactus for helping me so the...
CodingCactus (2481)
How To Python Website
# **HELLO** *** This is my first proper html/css/js project that I have done by all by myself (mostly) *** Thanks to @MatReiner for teaching me some s...
VulcanWM (1750)
Why you shouldn’t click on spam emails
This is my first animation in Python. *** ** You should probably watch it in full-screen. **
JDOG787 (155)
Cycle Risk Game!!
# Hi everyone I made this cool game! I made this because I just recently learned frontend js so to practice I made this game! ## How to play! - Try...
VivaanSa (13)
Encrypt/Decrypt your message to make them secure/fun
# **_Type In Whatever You Want!!_** ## Select Encrypt/Decrypt for Task ### This is a Secure Secret Code Program That will convert your messages to a...
sugarfi (466)
#BJGJ HappyChat™
Welcome to HappyChat™, the Happiest™ chat platform on the internet! We moderate all messages and make sure everything is very Happy™! How do we do thi...
CodingCactus (2481)
Tic Tac Toe (now with versus ai mode!!)
# The classic game of Tic Tac Toe *** ## 2 Modes: * CPU; play against computer (now with three difficulty settings) * Easy * Hard * Impossible...
thenullified (143)
the humble story of a teapot... who is bent on world domination
hello everyone! this is a game i made with @TheForArkLD and @CoolJames1610 ! @TheForArkLD provided the inspiration behind this game with his html and...
CodingCactus (2481)
Custom Colour Theme For Repl.it IDE
Hello, so this morning I made a theme for the ide (the syntax highlighting) which i am quite proud of :) Firstly you need to download the Amino plugi...
RohilPatel (799)
Weather App (iOS)
# I made a weather app For those who don't know, yes, I do know swift. There is nothing to do with it unless you add view controllers. I basically wa...
HahaYes (939)
C++ Tutorial: Day 2
# HahaYes' Very Good C++ Tutorial # Day 2! Credits for Day 1 fixes and/or bugs. @CodeLongAndPros # EDITS: # **** A elaboration on multi-line quotes...
Inkster211 (8)
Hola! this is an example of a parallax website. I updated the images and added an article so it has a theme :) if you have feedback, let me know!
Coder100 (3041)
Alternate Blue
# **ALTERNATE BLUE** Hello everyone, I'm back with another Unity game! This time in UNITY PLUS! ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/...
Uzalii (437)
Will you die to Covid-19
This tells you how likely you are to die to covid-19 hopefully you get a low mark and Enjoy. NOT ACCURATE
Programmer567 (39)
Help (if you want to) plz [Update: Lexer - working!]
OK, so to start, a *while* ago I asked anyone if they would help with my ~~new~~ programming language - and ppl did. But the outcome was pretty much j...
CodeLongAndPros (915)
How to use Vim, part I
# Vim for dummies, part I A few days ago, @CodeLongAndPros received an anonymous tip, through his penguin minions, to write a tutorial about Vim. He...
amasad (2387)
The fastest React.js Starter Template in the world
If you've ever used React.js on Repl.it you probably know how painful it is -- it is slow to start up and the filewatching-updating cycle makes it bug...
DynamicSquid (2247)
Do you guys like my new logo?
So I'm making a language called "Night", ###### ~~check it out on [github](https://github.com/DynamicSquid/Night) and star it~~ and I need a logo. I...
chickenLemonade (58)
I hope you like this game I made.
My website has a link to this project(rosecollins.com). I made it as a homework for a pygame class.
Coder100 (3041)
# WEEKLY 9 IDK if I'm ok anymore... Anyways, here's my entry that I worked way too much on. Enjoy! I don't shoot photographs, I ***take*** them. Ap...
Hashcode (184)
3D RPG Text Adventure (no .. really, I promise: 3D)
NOT YOUR TYPICAL REPL TEXT ADVENTURE! [ UPDATES: ] 1. WHY UP-VOTE? If you play the game and like it, please give it an up-vote so more people can s...
lilykhan (90)
Portfolio Site Template
#### This is a simple portfolio website template that I made for Repl.it template jam. You can use it and make it yours by changing things and colors...
epicman702 (186)
A simple dungeon game
This is the third time I'm posting this. (Sorry for the spam devs) This is a simple dungeon game. All the RPG and dungeon games have been to complex f...
Bookie0 (2795)
Arrows! animation!
Hey all, This is a small little python animation I did. Very simple, did it in under 5 min. Comments, tips, etc, please comment down below. And reme...
DJWang (1129)
<🧑‍⚕️ 🏥 Medical Simulator! 🏥 🧑‍⚕️>
# Hi Guys It's me. @DJWang (Lol I just pinged myself.) I'm back with another game! This is a medical simulator. Upvote if enjoyed! Peace! -DJStu...