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maazzubair99 (132)
Say hi to MaazBot
so i used @mat1 `repltalk` python module to make a bot. it replies to: hello hi welcome what's up how are you but only on this post it might not wor...
Coder100 (2962)
Repl.it api example
Hi everyone, so I asked a [question](https://repl.it/talk/ama/replit-API/28874) on AMA and here is where I am now. # Introduction To learn graphQL, go...
CodeSalvageON (508)
Sellout OS
Simple Linux Distro I made. Enjoy. Some parts are a work in progress.
Alicia1994 (7)
3 chances to guess the number
I implemented a program that picks a pseudorandom number between 1 and 10, inclusive, and gives the user up to 3 chances to guess that number, each ti...
Cranberries (4)
GUYS i am an absolute beginner. where should i start from? HELP!!!
ianjconnaughton (44)
Doubloons! - Tycoon Game
# Doubloons! Hello! I've been working night and day on this project, and I've had a couple of people play it to see if it works, and they thought it...
Wilke000 (346)
This Is Amazing
ebp11 (14)
Windows XP 2020
I have created a version of Windows XP. I have already introduced shutdown, log off and other great features. Please check out every feature, and let...
Highwayman (1309)
Solving the missing separator Makefile problem
So if I remember correctly more people than just me were having problems with a certain make file error stating a missing separator, even if you speci...
AncientBison (67)
Why do Beginner Coders code python and not JS?
Does anybody know?????????? This post must be 50 charecters :)
RohilPatel (799)
Custom Webpage View Counter
# Custom View Counter > Hi, I decided to make this project because I had tried to look it up when I was like, really bad at NodeJs (I'm not saying I...
AtticusKuhn (236)
Discord Oauth2 Tutorial
### Discord Oauth2 in repl.it ## contents Overview Reasoning Setting up a basic repl. Get Credentials Set up the Front End Setting up the Back End Al...
c4syner (56)
Find Angle to Target Location in Minecraft
15 Lines of python later and this program was made! As the title suggests you simply input the x and z coords for yourself and your target location. T...
SushiPython (43)
RePy Beta Release
@CodeMonkey51 and I are proud to release RePy Beta 0.2 to Replit. ## What is RePy? RePy is a simple coding language that can support a variety of th...
CoolJames1610 (502)
Hmmm, I was on @IreTheKID repl customs and I saw that @enigma_dev was at the top. Now I come into repl talk and i see that @enigma_dev has got 6758 cy...
amasad (2382)
Announcing Universal Package Manager
Open-source has revolutionized software development -- it wouldn't be an overstatement to say that it's been the most significant productivity win for...
TheForArkLD (610)
Stekovaya 0.4.0 - Update
# **Stekovaya update!** Ok, i added array. ~~~stk 1 2 3 3 "array" ARR array-0 MSG ~~~ This will print 1. Usage : ~~~stk size name ARR REM Can access...
imcraft (25)
Are you bored during this Pandemic?
Here are some things you may be able to do during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Uses the [Bored API](https://www.boredapi.com/) ###### Craft Enterprises 202...
Andi_Chin (158)
WallBound: Popular Maze Game
# WallBound ASCII edition ## Directions: * In this game, you will try and reach the target by moving around. * According to newton's first law: an ob...
Labscience (45)
The Memory Game
Hello guys, this The Memory Game. Its an exciting 3D game of lights and sounds in which players must repeat sequences of lights and buttons the cpu ma...
BoHan1 (25)
My first program!
I'm old af just started to learn programming this morning and I'm already hooked! Why didn't I do this earlier?
nothplus (69)
How To Create A Black Hole Spiral in Python W/ Turtle
Hello Programmers, This is a innovative and creative way of showing of your programming skills in Python with Turtle by creating this Spiral which la...
CoolJames1610 (502)
Music Game Quiz
# Music Game Quiz Do you know your music?? Have a try with Music Game Quiz! Pls upvote :P
TheForArkLD (610)
StackLangSharp - Stack-based programming language
I maked Stack-Based Reverse Polish Notation Programming Language. Written by C#. Hello World : ~~~sls "World" "Hello" PA ~~~ 1+1 : ~~~sls 1 1 + . ~~...
hoop4life (263)
One of my first python projects, so have mercy please :) But it still works so enjoy!!!
opalworkingate (2)
A adventure game
a game adventurer game game
DeaconBurgess (74)
PixelBlox v0.2.1 update
update v0.2.1 update is out including - Window name flying and creative mode
xolyon (333)
I made a informative website on Diseases
sorry to my umm fans that I haven't posted recently i got carried away with a project to big for my boots and have almost quit really so yeah ill try...
CodingCactus (2467)
Attempt at Profile Picture using the new BASIC language
My attempt at using the new BASIC language made by @amasad (https://repl.it/talk/learn/Announcing-Basic-Language-With-Graphics-Beta/31741) to recreate...
widgetmaster (8)
Connect to TCP ports over repl.it
I have a minecraft server running on port 25565, and I want to connect the client to it, but it doesn't recognize... any way to let repl.it know it sh...