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ndrewxie (6)
Is there any way to access the shell without using ctrl + shift + p (the shortcut)?
Hello, When searching for a way to add command line arguments (https://repl.it/talk/ask/How-do-I-set-command-line-arguments-for-my-REPL/6233), I c...
ShikharVerma1 (0)
Import Speech recognition
Hi! I was making a virtual assistant....and had to include speech recognition in my repl but it shows that *There is no module named speech_recogniti...
Stephen_Chien (10)
Guess the number!
faizanthemaster (2)
easy bot
this is my second script This is a converter. It took me 3 hours to do. I am from Prague British International School .Year 7
sulman (1)
Can anyone plz help me fix this (gym management code)
I'm new to coding and need help
IndyRishi (2)
Turtle Racing
Turtle racing is a chance game! Pick either red or blue. Find out who wins the race!
21natzil (1118)
Weekly Repls #15
Hello everyone, happy holidays, and do I have some early Christmas presents for you! There were a lot of amazing repls posted, and some fantastic tuto...
Wilke000 (347)
Python Poem
Many lines of poetry in one code line!
annham622 (3)
Hogwarts Sorting Hat
This game is basically the Sorting Hat but with questions, instead of mind-reading...
R0upe (2)
Text Editor
### Is just a text editor, isn't good, but I want to share my progress, if I have better ideas, or someone think in something better, I will change, s...
widgetmaster (8)
Draw Live! testing release.
I made this co-op multiplayer drawing game. cool. requires 5 people to play. Take turns drawing until the time runs out, then the judge decides who w...
CatherineBao (3)
Image linking is not working
<a href="page1.html> <img src="/../IMAGES/Goggles/basicgoggle.svg" alt="basic-goggle"> </a> It doesn't link that image to the page we want. It just...
DrankArizonaIce (131)
super useful lag demo thing
This visualizes input-to-execution latency (in ms). Input to execution latency is important when you're working with games that operate on real-time w...
Lyssillic (1)
Truth or Dare
A python Truth or Dare game designed to help students learn Nested Loops.
bottuy (16)
Why can't I sign in?
I'm trying to sign into my acount using another device but it keeps saying all fields required why is this happening?
RianScott (5)
New Programer
What should I know in order to fully understand python, Such as syntax and all that fun stuff
Barley (6)
Dragon's Jewel Adventure
Go on a quest to retrieve the dragon's jewel! https://repl.it/@Barley/TextAdventure
Astonksy (5)
Im trying to have a html page with python but for some reason when using python with html the html page doesn't have a console and when using html wit...
puppycute (2)
a puppy dog which is funny puggy
justinworrall (5)
Is there an easy way to integrate with a Github gist ?
Or is the idea that a public replit thing somehow takes the place of a gist ?
Axrevyn (180)
How is this an invalid syntax?
I was working on a notepad program and ran into a weird error - it tells me there's an invalid syntax, but I have no idea how I messed up. Can someone...
PYer (3268)
Please excuese this repl. I am just testing out my robot. Thanks!
GrantStaten (2)
Fix for console bugs on mobile
On all of my cpp repls I have had trouble using the console on mobile. I don't normally use mobile but when I do it works for a bit and then is sudden...
jess2724 (2)
Project 10- Jessica Calvillo
Project 10: Welcome to Blue Horizons Travel website
TheForArkLD (618)
Why i can set key to function? ~~~js var func=function(){ return 1; } func.key=2 func() //1 func.key //2 ~~~
Coder100 (3166)
How do I "push" something to a variabe in a file using nodeJs?
I would like to "push" an object into my msg.js file: File content: var m = [{name:"",desc:""}]; I would like to "push": {name:"test",desc:"test"} New...
theangryepicbanana (1604)
Experimenting with mouse events in the terminal
A drag-and-drop test. Might be a bit laggy. Upvoting makes it faster
ebest (625)
Size of post box
Whenever a post is created, it's really difficult to create long posts. The box for creating a post is small, and when editing a post, it's even small...
AndrewZhao1 (60)
The mirror
Survive against the mirror. (easy)
How do I add a background image to my website?
How do I add a background image to my website