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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
amasad (2515)
pgzero template
[pgzero]( is a framework that makes PyGame a lot easier to work with. I just added a si...
GavHern (81)
[PHP] How to redirect all outgoing requests to a different address
I'm trying to make it so that, for example, if there is a link to `` or an image linked to ``, I...
DeepCoder (4)
Places 'n' number of Queens on a 'n' x 'n' chess board such that no Queen comes in the span of another queen.
08KINPLIX (79)
My HTML engine
Enjoy this html engine that I made
AXiSVyN (1)
What language is best?
I was told I should learn C++, but here there are others that are similar (C, C#). Which should I learn?
syflexer (467)
simple Random Name generator
this is a name generator and if you have a idea for a name i will add it also i will add your name if you give me a idea also thanks to @Bookie0 for g...
x9 (2)
Is the code you can share on this platform limited?
Like is there anything you are not allowed to post? Like something specific, for example exploits.
OrhanErdogan (3)
How do I update my simplegui to being actually able to use it
Sasheek887 (6)
My first game
This is my first game. Use wasd to move: Press w, a, s, or d (please nothing else), Press enter. The goal is to get to the $ sign.
Mostra qual é o triangulo a partir das medidas
Jakman (441)
Rust Pointers in functions.
I have made a function in rust that uses and abuses refrences to increment a variable. This is what i believe to be the first Rust program with pointe...
CodeSalvageON (559)
Corrupt Kingdom
I do not own any of the art. Credits can be found in credits.txt. I simply took some ASCII gun art and implemented it into a small game.
thienha3812 (1)
Output: Timchen is the greatest and we should praise him Don't forgot to leave a blank line after each blockquote! Horzontal rules A horzon...
python google assistant
Want a google assistant but Google assistant is not registered on your device then use python google assistant. Some tips before you start to use pyth...
How to learn codes faster
I'm new and not sure what to do so I was wondering if you guys could teach me what I can do to be a better c0d3r?
08KINPLIX (79)
A game I am working on
This is a game like terraria / Minecraft my other game isnt being made any more the is just a preview. ENJOY! XD
CodeLongAndPros (1262)
Vim autocmds: Inserting default code
# How to setup mappings and default snippets for your source file Today, I worked on setting up Vim for `d` programming (Whole other story), when I g...
FumeiYaziwa (2)
hey I'm solvin' codeforces!
imconfuzz (1)
Awaken: Chapter One
You wake up one day with no memories and a strange ability...
ZDev1 (487)
Wait whaat?? toLocaleTimeString is not working
toLocaleTimeString isn't working with my nodejs project First image: ![image](
mralam4769 (3)
How to add images from google drive to html file
I have an image on google drive and i have shared it so anyone can find it and view it. Here is the link:
rubinmuja (1)
Rubin Muja assigment
This is a tik tak toe i did for my first assigment for code albania 2020, it consists of a shape of tik tak toe with 150x150 size and 50x50 size per b...
LiamDonohue (286)
I needs help
I have another (I know another) question: how do you integrate HTML/JavaScript with SQL?
VincentJames (2)
How do I insert a video?
I need to insert a video this one, how do I do that?
MocaCDeveloper (169)
Update on the Brew programming language #9(String Decorators)
Added in a few new syntax and features. *_Sadly, I haven't gotten to any of the brand syntax yet. But I am planning on done that when I am doing with...
dabs364 (271)
SNAKE SNAKe SNAke SNake Snake snake
It's the classic game of snake peoples! Play it and upvote! ![snake](
newbie0 (2)
This pc i made
# About __A pc__ made/simulated in python called DPX 443. This is a small project for now so it isnt complete, anyways good luck! # Functions _It has...
LorraineDavidso (1)
Hi I am stuck at near the end of build a calculator, number 38 break 39 is blanck and 41 print("please enter a valid input!!") number 38 says when i p...
xxpertHacker (382)
How to modify display size and shape of chromium using Bash
I have a simple Bash repl that opens the chromium browser. The display is a set square shape. Can it be modified to be a rectangle for phones or deskt...
JDOG787 (216)
# Hello Everyone!!!! This is my submission for the weekly challenge #5!!!! ### Enjoy :)