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MesyetiIsTaken (54)
It won't print the whole string
My Batch interpreter won't print the whole string, it always leaves out a letter at the end
blaze1291 (3)
my website!
this is my website! im gonna update it a lot in the future. Thanks to my brother for helping me with css stuff!
zleap (2)
A very basic, bare bones website, set up to experiment with what I am learning with FreeCodeCamp.
minx28 (283)
I have finished the API for my cool circle images. Documentation can be found at [https://circles.minx28.repl.co](https://circles.minx28.repl.co). Get...
WiRA2008 (11)
help i can' t open an replit it sais 'can 't open retriying'
help me plse i need help plse
DilashaBanka (2)
gui tik tac toe
Tkinter is the standard GUI library for Python. Python, when combined with Tkinter, provides a fast and easy way to create GUI applications. Tkinter p...
AlyaCesaire (1)
I made the Ladyblog from Miraculous Ladybug
I wanted to do this for a long time because I code with HTML and wanted to make a Ladyblog. I'm quite new with Miraculous Ladybug :D Feedback appreci...
ShivankChhaya (78)
Here is a game.
# Hi. This is a pretty self-explanatory repl. Just press run and see what happens. Just saying, CAPS MATTER!!! My sister and I creating doesn't mean w...
Harry Potter Story
Please be sure to upvote! This is about Harry Potter, but I made a story with things I know from the series "Harry Potter"! 😀
Repl Talk and and its current condition [rant]
Repl talk, on paper, is a great idea. People can share their code, and improve as the community helps them, and in turn, help others. This might have...
AlexanderTarn (231)
Python Menu Template
I couldn't add to the template page, because I recently learned it was for a competition not for people to use, So I am using it here. Please tell if...
SamnWakefield (2)
playing video files in a python script ??
Does Anyone in here knows how to play video files in a python script . it doesnt matter if is open on a new window,etc... point is opening ,playing a...
DimitrijeSakan (1)
Text customizer
*Disclaimer: I'm not English(English isn't my native language and I don't live in any English speaking areas of the world)* What is text customizer? T...
LorraineDavidso (1)
Hi I am stuck at near the end of build a calculator, number 38 break 39 is blanck and 41 print("please enter a valid input!!") number 38 says when i p...
gmlxo1514 (3)
The name of this site is Paint. Paintings can be painted on canvas by drawing pictures that I want, and there is a function of pen size adjustment and...
Advikunity (3)
Ironman Arc reator
Hey I created this reactor in html and css u can use it for ur webpage or website for free. __Feel free to change the code as per ur needs. I hope u w...
Advikunity (3)
Iron man arc reator(html&css)
<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> body { margin: 0; } .fullpage-wrapper { width: 100%; height: 100vh; background: radial-gradient(#353c44, #2229...
parag18 (1)
I am not able to view my output when hit Run button
I am not able to view my output when hit Run button,nothing shows in output window.
lolcoding (7)
Periodic trivia
I finally completed this thanks to @BobTheTomatoPie, so thanks!!! and enjoy!!!
SixBeeps (2508)
[PG-Basic] Which is more memory efficient: strings or arrays?
Let's say we have a Basic program that has two variables, one of them is a string and the other is an array of strings. They both have the same conten...
EpicGamer456 (1)
Silly Sentence Generator
This repl project helps you generate a **silly sentence**! *Made with: Python*
darknew (17)
Well, here is my weekly submission. But let me tell you its story : Because I wanted to learn Deno, I made it in Deno : I started regretting just an h...
MattCode2020 (1)
Quarantine Morality Quiz
Hi all, Just a little fun with while and for loops in Python. Hope you like this short game.
PDanielY (979)
Can we bring back the newsletter?
The repl.it newsletter was really good and I loved trying to solve the puzzle so I was wondering why they don't do it anymore. I think the person that...
dcmsmith (1)
David's Triple Guess Game
In this game, you have three attempts to accurately guess a number between 1 and 10
Help Me Plz(github students)
I just bought the [GitHub Student Developer Pack](https://education.github.com/pack) ### But... How to get the hacker plan for free now?????? Plz, @C...
Icekit (62)
I need help I have an error I don't know how to fix!
I have an error in my story thou I don't I don't know how to fix it and what is wrong with it!
Kopamed (222)
Meme Quality Predictor (200 Cycle Special!)
This will predict the quality of the memes on Reddit. This is my first Markov Chain generator so don't be too harsh. # How to The program is self...
thenullified (145)
temperature converter
this is my first time using sys.stdout.write to give that typing effect! As well as being a computing student, I'm also a chemistry student. Occasio...
08KINPLIX (79)
My favorite programming languages
These are the best languagesx