AncientBison (67)
Why does this go down?
My simple program here is to show and ask why the numbers go down and up at random, when the numbers should go down!
Vynokris (0)
Can everyone modify my code?
Hey! I'm new here and I am wondering if everyone I share my project with is able to modify it. If yes, how to I put it to read and execute only please...
kbadrinath_tcsp (221)
not doing anything
so i'm running my program and after it installs the packages it just does... nothing. Nothing prints (something is supposed to), and it just stays the...
ObiVibKenobi (169)
How to Put Image In CTX
```js function drawSnakePart(snakePart) { grinchboard_ctx.fillStyle = snake_color; grinchboard_ctx.fillRect(snakePart.x, snakePa...
ZachariahIkenbe (5)
ZWrld's Chat
Multi user client-server voice chat, with elements of P2P Hey I need help getting this up hit me up if you can help!
hanbot (5)
tick tok
plz if you have tik tok play this and PLZ do what is says.(no mean comments)
RyanH4 (3)
A simple login system with php
This is a login system with php it is very simple and dosen't have that much php I bet that you could type it all out yourself
AbdullahAbumaze (0)
i cant figure out the errors in this C++ code
#include <stdio> int main (void) { printf('We are to learn correct'); printf('C language here' ); return 0; }
SamuelPKuld (12)
Is there a way to have the program execution go back to the beginning?
In my code, it would be helpful to have the program execution go to the beginning of the program. Once the program execution reaches the bottom of th...
What is wrapping
So you know when you code, there's the settings tab. In there, you would see wrapping. I just want to know what wrapping does. # Thanks if you answe...
JoyfulWorld (0)
I'm horrible
I can not do this Python is hard including tutoring uhh
Watchmeme (0)
what do you think about it?
import turtle import random x = (random.randint(1,90)) m = x t = turtle.Pen() while x <= 360: t.forward(m) t.left(m) x = x+m print(x) print(...
0xParadox (0)
Let me tell you this, I have no regrets, and no shame for submitting this. This game is at it's the core beginning of all projects, the ultimate defin...
JohannaGalindo1 (0)
Your stupid website won't let me download my repl as a zip. What the heck?
InaAT (0)
Hi there, can anybody explain to me how to use the title element? Stuck in Day 3 Thank you! Best regards, Ina
AnnieRoxenius (0)
I dont know how this works
Please help me. I dont understand anything. Thank you.
Sadladd (0)
Mobile “npm init”
How do i run “npm init” on mobile? It says that i have to run it on the shell something but it seems like that “shell” doesn’t exist on mobile
OSDev Input
I finally got input working! Try typing stuff, and you will see it appear on screen. I made this in assembly language.
coynerm (5)
Hi- I cannot find the Java AP CS-A FRQ repl. Its a repl that has the skeleton code for the FRQs for AP CS-A course. Can someone point me to it?
TristanMisja (36)
How do I send emails with PHP
I'm making a website, and I need some way to send email with PHP. If anyone can tell me how or point me to a reference, please do! Thanks!
kbadrinath_tcsp (221)
why is it showing namechoice as undefined
so basically i'm making this thing, and when i try to use namechoice in firstStretch(), it just keeps on saying that namechoice is undefined. I have t...
adammorris (0)
Is it possible to use distutils.setup in python on I just tried can got error but given the nature of the stack not sure if I should continue...
FineMouche (1)
what is wrong in my databaseSQL_connection Class Cursor ?
i try to copy the form/structure i used in my course of inheritance in python but here it seem it need to do something specific due to the fact i try...
SnehPratik (0)
Write a program to enter the numbers till the user wants and at the end (rest in discription)
Write a program to enter the numbers till the user wants and at the end it should display the count of positive, negative and zeros entered. I'm a be...
Colorama and Over lines
from colorama import init init() from colorama import Fore, Back, Style r = Style.BRIGHT + Fore.RED rrr = Style.RESET_ALL + Fore.RESET + Back.RESET p...
ProgrammerAI (11)
Polygott and C++
I'm making a game by following a tutorial and have copied the code perfectly. Now I'm in the middle and the instructor is testing the project but I ca...
JamesGibbs1 (2)
The Hidden City
Can you navigate through an unexplored forest and discover a hidden city before it is too late? Here are the rules: 1. For the first question, type i...
douzts (0)
This is my final for school and it is due tomorrow at 10am I seriously need help so on the line 439(look for the red on the scroll) I need it so that...
HarshilRaut (0)
Python, the coding language which I love
Hello, I am a 10 year old coder. My name is harshil and my father taught me the basics of python. I don't know much about python but i know some comma...
AmirBayramaliev (0) does not support System.UI namespace in C#?
Error message from compiler: Mono C# compiler version  mcs -out:main.exe main.cs main.cs(2,14): error CS0234: The type or namespace name `UI...