KrispyChiken (75)
Hi all! This is my first repl. It is a battle like simulator where you can choose to battle someone (Anyone really). Hope you enjoy! (Sry people wh...
Centslord (105)
A chaotic generator that makes the funniest (and occasionally cringe) sentences
Hey everybody, I made a dare generator that makes weird dares you can give your friends to do. It occasionally makes perfect sense, but do it anyway...
ThatOneDude1 (128)
Welcome to GRAVITY! A Text-Based Gravity Platformer!
# CHAOS CAVERN Beta 1.2 --- What Updates Were Added??? --- 1. Fixed Some Bugs 2. Player can now stick to the wall, by trying to walk towards the...
RayhanADev (1212)
How to Get 100+ Upvotes 👍 (Real Facts!)
# How to Get 100+ Updoots in Share #### *A Satirical Tutorial* Hello people this tutorial will cover all the basics *and some advanced techniques* on...
BobTheTomatoPie (1743)
Repl Search: The best search engine around
### Very Beta I will be adding a couple of entries per day, just to keep the site fresh ### Tell me searches to add Just comment: the search name, an...
OldWizard209 (322)
You pick a number, keep it in your mind. You won't be asked for the number. The program is then gonna ask you a few questions. Answer them and using m...
ObiVibKenobi (168)
Gram | The Grammatical Programming Language
Don’t kill me. I did it. # Gram ### The grammatical programming language **NOW BEFORE YOU ALL DECIDE THAT IM FAKE, HEAR ME OUT** ### Addressing concer...
CodingCactus (3213)
Typing Speed Test
### How fast can you type? Find out using this test *** # How to use A sentence is shown to you, you have to type in each letter correctly, if you g...
rafrafraf (671)
I made in under a 7 days
# [dupl.kit]( - Collaborative Text Editor and IDE Code and collaborate with friends, all in ***real time baby***! W...
CodingCactus (3213)
2048 (In Python Console)
# **2048** *** # What it is: If you've never heard of it, basically, you have to put 2 squares of the same number together, which will combine those...
angrydoge (327)
Advanced function calculator! Uses only 1 input
# Hello! This is my calculator! # Anyway... Right now the calculator can * Add numbers * Subtract numbers * Multiply numbers * Divide numbers * Fin...
Roar123 (440)
Stock Market Visualizer
# Stock Market Visualizer Hi everyone, I'm proud to present Stock Market Visualizer, the best way to view stock/ETF statistics from the comfort of the...
🎵Music App!🎵 - 🎧Upload Your Best Music Here!🎧
# 🎧Music App🎧 Hi guys, I'm back with another app. A music app. It's called _Muzic_. So this app has a lot of features, which I will list it out, bu...
DJWang (1351)
🌌🌌🌕 The Dark Forest 🌕 🌌🌌
Hi Peeps! Here is a game I worked really hard on. You are lost in the forest and you are trying to get out of it and find your way back to civilizatio...
ThisUserTaken (236)
The Potato Wars (Chapter 4!)
You're a potato and got abducted by the apple aliens. Escape by being `big brain` and stay tuned for chapter 5! Edit: Chapter 2 was added Edit: Chapte...
LuckyOreos (126)
Do you want a username?
I have something like this already posted but this gives you an option of generating username again!!!
angrydoge (327)
Repl phishing sites, and they have my username!?
# Hello! It was a normal morning, I decided to look up my username for literally no reason at all, then bam! A spam redirect. I thought nothing of it...
DominicHuieWhit (46)
Text RPG
a text RPG with 5 stages, tell me in the comments if i should do more and tell me if there are any bugs or places i can improve.
RogueHalo (398)
Ace your online classes with Kahooter!
So, this is a very simple yet amazing program that simply sends a request to get the answers to any Kahoot quiz! Cool Right? It has a few bugs in cre...
ChezCoder (1582)
Stop Animation - Moral of The Story | Ep 1
Hello! Welcome to the new series I am making, called moral of the story. This is episode 1. Have fun watching! # EPISODE TWO IS OUT!!! [CLICK HERE T...
firedragondnd (32)
Annoying Little Brother Simulator
This is Annoying Little Brother Simulator where you try to be the most annoying you can this is a work in progress I hope it becomes very long and Tha...
Uzalii (432)
Will you die to Covid-19
This tells you how likely you are to die to covid-19 hopefully you get a low mark and Enjoy. NOT ACCURATE
MarcusWeinberger (601)
[Alpha Release] - a fully-fledged email service for users
# []( ***Only for users!*** ![demo]( ### Get a free email address - <your-repl...
BD103 (98)
Rain! (With Blessings)
Hey! I know making a raining console has been pretty popular, so I decided to do it myself! This time I used the [Blessings](
Hashcode (190)
3D RPG Text Adventure (no .. really, I promise: 3D)
NOT YOUR TYPICAL REPL TEXT ADVENTURE! [ UPDATES: ] 1. WHY UP-VOTE? If you play the game and like it, please give it an up-vote so more people can s...
🖼️ Image App | Photron 🖼️. Kind of like Pinterest.
# 🖼️ Image App | Photron 🖼️ Hi guys, I was scrolling through my repls, and found this. I remember I made this a long time ago, so it might look bas...
wasemafarzana90 (16)
Rock Paper Scissor Game !
Hello Folks! Made this rock-paper-scissor game as a part of the coding challenge! #100daysofCoding #python
CodingCactus (3213)
Tic Tac Toe (now with versus ai mode!!)
# The classic game of Tic Tac Toe *** ## 2 Modes: * CPU; play against computer (now with three difficulty settings) * Easy * Hard * Impossible...
Shopping Simulator
I made a little shopping simulator, where you can buy stuff, and get startup money. Please feel free to make this a little better. Somethings you can...
robowolf (286)
Literally EVERYBODY ~~one or two people~~ asked me to take it to the next level. I present to you, THE INFINITE BRUTE FORCE CRACKER. It essentially go...