EthanHorowitz (79)
I compared two numbers in a one-liner without any operators...just the magic of sets in Python. Enjoy :)
RohanRajagopal (1)
Equals-less Equals with bitwise XOR (python) #WEEKLY
My submission for the challenge. It works by dividing the number into integer and decimal parts, then it compares the integer parts of both number, f...
JaydenLiu1 (35)
Puzzle Game Demo
Puzzle Game is a puzzle game, as the title says. You are stuck in a room with a few rooms with things you need to unlock, find, and solve. What is ne...
LOLMcman (68)
#WEEKLY 5 Submission
Solution using binary operators which are apparently allowed.
Aloeb83 (51)
#WEEKLY Week 5
Completed the week 5 challenge. Really difficult to figure out how to save a variable without using the equal sign. I'm sure this isn't perfect, but t...
RyanTian (0)
Ryan Tian - Final Math Quiz Exam
This is an 5 questions Math Quiz
yihao (0)
do anyone has ideal what is wrong with snytax
yi_kankan (0)
uses the babylonian method to calculate square root
PYer (3652)
#WEEKLY #5: Equality Check
This one uses the `in` keyword, which is not counted as an "operator" (unless this is incorrect please tell me @TheDrone7). Thanks! EDIT: Loops to ru...
ankittrajj (0)
Python basics project
How to make a 90's game without graphics, which is very easy to make in python if you have some very basic knowledge of python. Everyone is free to co...
jstone386 (0)
Big Jones (Chatbot)
a chatbot with 15 different endings! I made this for a 2 week coding class just recently. Enjoy! by Jeremiah Stone
samvantankeren0 (0)
new to doing looking for help
I'm new to coding, and looking for help and cool things to makes, can anyone help me out? Many thanks Sam
DavidCooperChey (1)
#WEEKLY Challenge #5 submission
This is one way to solve the weekly challenge. I originally didn't ask for input, because I didn't notice that it said to *prompt* the user for input,...
a5rocks (814)
#WEEKLY 5 comparison
Just read the comments for an idea of what is going on.
CodeLongAndPros (1578)
#WEEKLY Episode V: The == strikes back.
This week's weekly challenge is to compare two ints without using comparisons || (math operators). There should be a bit of text before the program l...
LouiYamashiro (0)
Wizard or Muggle test
Wizard or Muggle test is super super super cool and awesome! You should try it!!!!
Codemonkey51 (1035)
#WEEKLY 5 the second
~~disclaimer: THIS IS NOT MY SUBMISSION THAT IS [HERE]( ok so this is my other way that's like 7 lines lo...
mshaffer22 (0)
Word Scramble Game!
Welcome to... WORD SCRAMBLE! Choose a puzzle length of 5-8 letters and see if you can unscramble it before the computer! Every ten seconds, the comput...
ZachariahTimmin (0)
10-Dice Roll
Rolls two dice. Also school project
CodingCactus (4116)
#WEEKLY the fifth one
My submission, for the fifth of the weekly challenges :)
Codemonkey51 (1035)
DISCLAIMER: read edits this is not my submission this was a simple one how I did was I took advantage that in python if two entries in a tuple are e...
KesavKalanidhi (0)
Kesav Kalanidhi Homework 3
My Homework for Class 3
Arxtic (6)
Here is a extremely simple code. It talks about the Coronavirus I highly recommend reading it
ChezCoder (1596)
Predict YOUR future with the MAGIC 🎱 BALL!
plz suggest more responses for the magic 8 ball :D also comment bugs, and FEDbeak :DDDDDDD ``` ____ / Hi \ |/ 🎱__🎱 ``` # K BYEEEE
whackdab (9)
What do you think is the most useful coding website and language?
please do this survey and also comment your answer. I will most likely reply back. THANK YOU!
Mathew123891 (0)
Basic horse racing game.
Uses text and tabs to move the horses along.
Mathew123891 (0)
Very simple Monty Hall problem simulator
The code is terrible but it works.
HerculukeZeEpic (189)
Bomb Animation!!!
Earlier today I had A idea, "make a bomb exploding animation" and this is what I made! as always please consider upvoting! hope you guys(and girls...
Viper2211 (85)
Linear Regression with the Normal Equation
# What is the Normal Equation? The normal equation is an equation for analytically calculating theta. It is an alternative to gradient to descent whic...
AncientBison (67)
Why does this go down?
My simple program here is to show and ask why the numbers go down and up at random, when the numbers should go down!