RohanRajagopal (1)
Programmatically exit python repl?
Hello, I just notice that when using `sys.exit(0)` in a python repl, it says "repl process died unexpectedly". Other than that it works fine, the pro...
CraigMiller1 (3)
Getting There Bit by Byte. Here is some extra characters since my original post wasn't long enough!
EthanHorowitz (79)
I compared two numbers in a one-liner without any operators...just the magic of sets in Python. Enjoy :)
DavinParish (0)
two player tic tac toe game
AdCharity (1362)
#Weekly 5 JS
### Overview :l It's not very ingenious but it works like a charm (plus js allows me to do some funky things). ### Features * one liner (could be sh...
Login System in Java
I want to know how to make a Login System in Java.
theangryepicbanana (1689)
#WEEKLY in Pascal
Did the weekly challenge in Pascal because it's cool. Pretty simple tbh
RohanRajagopal (1)
Equals-less Equals with bitwise XOR (python) #WEEKLY
My submission for the challenge. It works by dividing the number into integer and decimal parts, then it compares the integer parts of both number, f...
NoahG59 (0)
Disabling auto saving?
I am attempting to upload a list which is 113k lines long. The saving after uploading this list has taken hours and still has not saved, is there any...
JaydenLiu1 (35)
Puzzle Game Demo
Puzzle Game is a puzzle game, as the title says. You are stuck in a room with a few rooms with things you need to unlock, find, and solve. What is ne...
funes8140 (0)
Project 10
CS120-07 Project 10 - Blue Horizons Travel
LOLMcman (68)
#WEEKLY 5 Submission
Solution using binary operators which are apparently allowed.
Aloeb83 (51)
#WEEKLY Week 5
Completed the week 5 challenge. Really difficult to figure out how to save a variable without using the equal sign. I'm sure this isn't perfect, but t...
RyanTian (0)
Ryan Tian - Final Math Quiz Exam
This is an 5 questions Math Quiz
gilsjhonny (2)
Different Solutions for Capitalizing Names
I come up with 3 solutions for capitalizing names
yihao (0)
do anyone has ideal what is wrong with snytax
Jackmalhi2020 (0)
*My First Website*
*I'm just beginner and created this website about Craigieburn Town. I have implemented the elements which I learned so far. Love to have feedback or c...
yi_kankan (0)
uses the babylonian method to calculate square root
sojs (287)
Have you ever heard of *simon*? The popular memory game? Well - whether you have or haven't I have made one for your enjoyment. # How to Play: The c...
PYer (3652)
#WEEKLY #5: Equality Check
This one uses the `in` keyword, which is not counted as an "operator" (unless this is incorrect please tell me @TheDrone7). Thanks! EDIT: Loops to ru...
DynamicSquid (4566)
#WEEKLY Weekly Challenge #5
New series! I'm ready for this one. So here's how I did my solution: 1. Create two arrays with sizes of the inputted numbers 2. Loop through the arra...
ankittrajj (0)
Python basics project
How to make a 90's game without graphics, which is very easy to make in python if you have some very basic knowledge of python. Everyone is free to co...
annikakimm (0)
Annika Kim ICS3U June 5th, 2020
jstone386 (0)
Big Jones (Chatbot)
a chatbot with 15 different endings! I made this for a 2 week coding class just recently. Enjoy! by Jeremiah Stone
AndreiIgnatenko (0)
Is My cOmPuTeR dIeInG
wHy wHy WHY WhY whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wHy???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????...
JoaoPedro6115 (0)
Exercício 4
Média do aluno com base em 3 notas
VinVin001 (1)
OP TIC TAC TOE IN C!!!!! Try it out, you'll love it.
hello again '_'
so, i because i needed to add files to my project with turtle module, and the python with turtle don't suport that. i wan't to why the *** in a norma...
samvantankeren0 (0)
new to doing looking for help
I'm new to coding, and looking for help and cool things to makes, can anyone help me out? Many thanks Sam
Fatmaggbft99nt (0)
I don't know how to use repl it
Can any one help me please