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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
Whacko (225)
PHP Form Handling Tutorial!
Using [PHP Web Server]( and [HTML](, we're gonna make ourselves a form and then get the...
HeadSucksAtLife (123)
Is there a way to change your main languages?
# Is there a way to change your **main** languages? ![Screenshot 2020-10-27 at 5.05.31 PM](
bwoop (1)
why trump is better than biden
an article describing why trump's america is safer. comment if you have any suggestions or concerns with the article, but if you're just going to diss...
Glare (229)
Tic Tac Toe In C++ *UPDATED*
Hello everyone. I just wanted to make a short (ok... maybe not that short) tutorial about how to make a simple text based tic tac toe game in C++. So,...
harisbaig1 (11)
Code doesn't run
I have been trying to run this code but it does not seemed to run at all. Can some help me what I am missing? ![ code](https://storage.googleap...
CodingCactus (3039)
CAN PEOPLE STOP ADDING PEOPLE TO TEAMS WITHOUT ASKING!!! Same goes for multiplayer repls. This repl was made in a team coder100, bookie and I were add...
Andi_Chin (220)
Disease Spread Simulation
## A project I made with my friends to spread awareness about measures people can take. #### you will be able to see, live, how individual actions aff...
AJDevelopment (56)
I was bored so I made a chatting website. Credit goes to ZDev1 for the tutorial. There's also a comment in the Node.JS code saying credit goes to ZDev...
CarlosRosiles (185)
Who would you vote for???
Have you ever wanted to vote but cant because your too young or because of other reasons? Well, now you can! Even though its not official (why would i...
MeghanaG1 (28)
Developers: @DeepiRdy and @MeghanaG1 a wellness website that helps users kalm down
RohilPatel (1251)
A very cool social media website!
# Yes, you may have seen this before PlogoGram is on my profile, but I thought i would fix all the bugs, and so far I have only found one, but many o...
0x544D (32)
ALIENS - PL (ALS) , Aliens can also code !
# Aliens PL (ALS) #### Aliens Can also code **Made By** @AdilELMERZOUGUI @Jamal1998 @MahmoudOmrani @0x544D ![image](
Roar123 (433)
Stock Market Visualizer
# Stock Market Visualizer Hi everyone, I'm proud to present Stock Market Visualizer, the best way to view stock/ETF statistics from the comfort of the...
HappyLunchBox (21)
A Battle Game
This is a short battle game I made. You can battle against other bounty hunters to take the bounty for yourself, and you can use money gain from getti...
CoolJames1610 (619)
How to avoid concatenation errors in Python using F-Strings!
# How to avoid **concatenation errors** in Python using `F-Strings`! So when they teach you Python, the "name and age" example always crops up: ```p...
Minecraft WebGL Project Core
# Minecraft WebGL Credit to @duck132912 for the menu. Thanks a bunch! ### About This is the final version of my WebCraft and MC-Engine projects. I mer...
DarkSide8 (3)
Turing Machine
This helps you understand how TuringMachine works.
VulcanWM (2180)
Bankrupt the Bank
This is my second game in js: Bankrupt the Bank. I originally got this idea while playing monopoly with my cousin. We kind of got bored giving each o...
ZDev1 (654)
A Markdown editor!
# Hello! I made a new Markdown Editor I used: * marked.js * jQuery I made a markdown blog with a database before some months, go check it out! If y...
elucent (32)
![basil_large]( # The Basil Programming Language Hel...
TheDrone7 (1326)
Weekly Challenge #22
Hey there replers! 1 week ago, we started the 6th batch of weekly challenges. And here is the 2nd challenge of the series. So below are the r...
adsarebbbad (157)
First GUI!
after a lot of tutorials and a lot of google searches, i made my first gui!
tallpeppytiger (1)
My best project 1261 lines of code :)
took me 3 months this is my best project.
ThatOneDude1 (117)
[GAME] [OLD] Top Down RPG Like Game Made ENTIRELY out of text in the Python Terminal!
# Welcome! This is an RPG Like maze game with RPG Style Fight Sequences made only using text! # Beta Ver. 1.0.1 -------------- KEY: ---------- '#' =...
Code1Tech (68)
Anonymous Name Generator
This script allows you to get a anonymous name, great for a suspicious website or to troll your friends online. Also just cool in general! -----------...
TheDrone7 (1326)
Weekly Challenge #18
Hey there replers! 1 week ago, we started the 5th batch of weekly challenges! So below are the results for the last weekly challenge aka [Wee...
pepelaugh (429)
Unblock any website using Express
Unblock Any Website [made by me and @derder56] *there could be exceptions* More convenient version at [Glitch]( For t...
CodingCactus (3039)
How to python (GCSE/The Basics)
Made into a website here: <> Firstly, this is a guide on how to code in Python up to GCSE level, as I know...
CodingCactus (3039)
2048 (In Python Console)
# **2048** *** # What it is: If you've never heard of it, basically, you have to put 2 squares of the same number together, which will combine those...
CodingCactus (3039)
Typing Speed Test
### How fast can you type? Find out using this test *** # How to use A sentence is shown to you, you have to type in each letter correctly, if you g...