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Streaming Services Website - Disney+ vs Netflix
Kurplunk100 (16)
Would anyone like to work on a basic game with me?
Would anyone like to work on a short game with me in python. I am not that advanced but don't really care about the topic/kind of game.
Bluejade (1)
The turtle race
It's a fun game to watch! (It gets boring after a while.)
amasad (2493)
Open AI GPT-2 language model
This is a language model recently released by OpenAI. I got it to run on repl.it and been having some fun with it. It runs slow, especially if you're...
realTronsi (1)
Upgrade Required Node.js
I'm working on a simple chat application. It works on localhost, but whenever I upload it into repl, it says "Upgrade Required".
DJWang (1149)
you can draw with different colors! the instructions are in the end of the code. Have fun!
larsjansen1 (1)
How to make connect 4 in python
I'm really curious how to make the game connect 4 in python. if someone can help me with it (because i get stuck at the first minute) then I would be...
theangryepicbanana (1635)
Sixels in Julia
I have now made it so you can use sixels in the Julia programming language. This repl graphs 3 different equations using magic. test it out **[here](h...
PioMolina (5)
Classical Composer Coder
> Music is a higher revelation than philosophy. - _Ludwig Von Beethoven_ [![screenshot](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1563353552391_37...
CarlyRaeJepsenS (1)
What are these files?
Hello everyone, I recently imported a glitch project into replit. I see these files in my sidebar: ![Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 10.09.12 PM](https://...
ebest (631)
[deleted] user
On one of my posts, there was a deleted user. Transcript: [deleted] Well what would you like to name yor encryption techniche So i can give it a home...
pole55 (204)
6.2. While: Least divisor
"Given an integer not less than 2. Print its smallest integer divisor greater than 1." Example input 15 Example output 3
bigtoe0 (15)
Area Calculator!
This is one of my first projects that involves a bunch of javascript. I can always add more areas/ formulas! Excited for the suggestions so I can impr...
LittleNomster (112)
About Me
So im having some trouble with the challenge and i spent 30 minutes on google trying to figure it out yesterday. Can anybody help me make colored text...
jkulinowski (1)
Escape from the Temple of Quandary
A game where you solve riddles while collecting XP and keys to escape the temple.
sojs (198)
Type in text into the textbox.
Steps - type in text and click the buttons to style. p.s. - link is just for show!
SuperUser111 (10)
Finding website Host IP & Name
`Made using Java` #Website IP & Name finder [Website Host IP and Name Finder](https://repl.it/@SuperUser111/Website-IP-and-Host-Name#Main.java) ~~I t...
aruba (7)
New member to Repl.it
Hello Everyone ! I am a python programmer, and working on learning JS. I am comfortable with HTML5, and a little bit on CSS. Looking forward to lea...
Annkar (6)
show a picture
I am trying to show a picture but it dosent work. what is wrong?how to do?If it is things I need to do it that replit dosent have, can I get around it...
The Daliy Repls
Hi! Today I am starting a newspaper on repl.it! Yes, it may sound crazy but... Hey! I'm trying my best! So this is just the first week but I got some...
the red eyeball
This red eyeball is one of the most feared creatures. This eyeball has the power to kill people in one look.
tamsargsyan (1)
Sum of two numbers
Hey ! what's uppp?/ I'm a begginer, but I love programming so muchh
Blockchain with 4 blocks
This is a blockchain that consist of 4 blocks. Here each block is connected to other block with a hash value and it store the previous hash value also...
DrAvery (14)
Code Cracker [Multiplayer]
An overhaul of "Multiplayer Mastermind Code Guesser Game." Full credit to AmeliaBlackwell for creating the core game, and giving me the idea to do thi...
ReedSadler (1)
whats some good starting tips?
i am in grd 5 going to grd 6 after this summer,can i have some good starting tips so i can make a game (i wanna be a game dev when i grow up)
SofieMLPA (4)
What's wrong with it?
Thanks to a few people here on Repl, I was able to get a good start on this game that I'm making. I ran into a little trouble though. Does anyone know...
LimanData (31)
Benzene OS 11
Another day, another version. This time, we've got color, as well as a page describing the changes made in different versions.
https://repl.it/@matti12/Bingo Bingo is a 90's website right? That is why I made this web site. It does not look like this image down below, by the...
DomenickMann (1)
Example 1: Marks
Write a program that prompts the user for their grade in any particular course. If their grade is greater than or equal to a 50%, display “Pass”. Othe...