Theboys619 (59)
JSON in C++
Hello. So I made a header library for parsing JSON. Im not too experienced with C++ so it's probably not the best. I only started C++ about a month an...
rohitbasu (58)
Live COVID-19 Tracker for the USA
Live COVID-19 Tracker for the USA for Devpost
Bookie0 (4977)
2K Cycle + End of School Special!!! 🎉🎉
### Salutations children of repl! This is my **2000** cycle special and **end-of-school** special!!! Indeed, **today**, no more school for like 3 mon...
CyanCoding (1956)
Brute Force Password Cracker
https://repl.it/@CyanCoding/Brute-Force-Password-Cracker I built the Brute Force Password Cracker as a fun program to test out passwords, and to test...
Bookie0 (4977)
4 Chances 🍀 🤞
### Hola everyone!!! Welcome to a collaboration between ** @ChezCoder ** and ** @Bookie0 ** !!! *** #### what is it? This is a hard game of a chan...
cgolden15 (186)
True Love Scanner
Just a simple program I threw together in honor of my uncle who took his own life. If you feel lonely, depressed or otherwise, please talk to someone,...
paulinakoz (51)
As part of the python course I am doing I have made this game of hangman which aimed to test my knowledge of what I have learnt so far. Definitely exp...
My first REPL
Yasss bruhs, my first Repl!!! Some of you may know me on Scratch.mit.edu as HyperGamerStudios but now I am on repl because of my computer science clas...
KorbinVanette (8)
I spent like 4 hours on this demo site because i want to share my new company craft central :) Sorry i didnt make the code more organized
CatR3kd (388)
AI ChatBot - CASAAI!
# Hey Guys! I am **soooo** exited to share this with y'all! Basically, what I made is a ChatBot with a constantly growing file of knowledge and person...
Coder100 (12434)
[GAME] Reaction Time
# REACTion time How fast can you react? ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1604021239484_0f9cc3b497d1a237a7654204aaea79d3.png) Co...
ZDev1 (818)
# Hi, this is a tutorial about how to build a chat app ###### here is it @Leroy01010 Let's start *** # 1. Libraries We need `socket.io` to make a co...
IreTheKID (373)
Interactive Repl DB CLI
Hey all, in another quest to [sate](https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sate) my boredom, I've been browsing GitHub in search of ideas for a ne...
OldWizard209 (283)
You will have the choice to chose between 5 quizzes: YouTube Quiz Countries GK Quiz Games Quiz Science Quiz' Marvel quiz Anyways comment if you man...
generationXcode (283)
Remember Marvin? the paranoid android from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? Well, we dedicate this language to that robot. And we named it after...
AmazingMech2418 (984)
All Languages in Repl.it
# All Languages in Repl.it Use this website to browse through all of the languages Repl.it supports! This directly webscrapes the Repl.it website to...
Coder100 (12434)
# **TWIST** Twist is a maze game -- but with a twist! (haha) Instead of moving around normally, the ground **tilts** and you roll instead of moving! T...
Coder100 (12434)
Dev.to API
# Dev.to API As some of you may know, the repl.it GraphQL has had its final straw (or should I say attack?). Now it is closed to the public thanks to...
Coder100 (12434)
[ BOT ] Cycle Bot
# Cycle Bot I am proud to announce the open -Alpha release of cycle bot! Currently it has 11 commands and a full release schedule, so you will be expe...
sugarfi (602)
Lexicon Generation
Hi all! This is a small project I made, to help generate vocabulary for a language I am designing. You are given a definition, and have to input words...
ElijahChen1 (142)
Excuse Generator
Very simple generator for excuses. Buggy but kind of funny Every excuse has 4+ random words used
momenmahmoud1 (1)
funny square
simple anf funny square with turtle
ShivenViddemari (53)
The sequel to the famous Obama.html Use Virtual Reality Headset for maximum effect
cpiechocki (130)
My First repl
# SORRY IVE BEEN AFK FOR A LONG TIME! I FORGOT MY PASSWORD! LOL This is my first repl. My brother helped me code this. I hope you like it. Upvote if y...
BrokenKeyboard (35)
Physics Engine (Kinda)
# Physics engine, still in progress. ## Usage: So, all you have to do is the following. Click and drag and then release to launch a box. The lon...
Coder100 (12434)
Quicken Editor
# Quicken Editor I forgot to post :( Well anyways, here's the Quicken Code Editor (formerly called CookeyLang)! It contains [email protected] with extra...
DarthVader29 (57)
Do you like fruit ninja-this game is like it
This took me at least a month to make so I hope you like it!!!
rayaansom (43)
My first game
This is my first game made by python and I really hope you enjoy
BobTheTomatoPie (1577)
BobTheTomatoPie.com: A Website
### Generators You can generate excuses and other stuff. ### Pie Clicker I also put pie clicker on this ### Enjoy -BobTheTomatoPie
AcceleratedCode (37)
Single line code that can start a segmentation fault
What started as a attempt to make a quine turned into a chaotic-1 line destruction code. This increases the system recursion limit to its max and ma...