Language jam
Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
Harryclapham1 (12)
Roman Numeral Converter
This code converts numbers to roman numerals. It was made for a school assigment
Corwin_Strahan (15)
Game made for a class: D-2200
Just a fun lil' text-based game I made for my highschool C++ Programming class. Based off of [SCP Foundation](
21natzil (1135)
Weekly Repls!
Welcome back to the Weekly Repls! I feel like it's been years since we did one of these! Not to worry though, I haven't lost my touch! I scoured the d...
FULL ULTIMATE DOOM FREE ON REPL, USING DOSBOX MSDOS EMULATOR (Using the Doom EXE file, and also a MsDos Emulator to run the executable file) (CREDIT...
hoop4life (267)
Learning Rust
Hi, I am starting Rust programming, and this is my all time FIRST project so pls don't laugh(unless u r laughing at what the program does). Enjoy and...
Bitkoshy (15)
Python & Pygame
Is it just me or is this common thing to say for python programmers. Apparently people say that oh, you need to learn Python before you even touch Pyg...
KuGaming2 (10)
Animal's Tail
In this repl, I coded this turtle to make something that looks like an animals tail!!
adsarebbbad (157)
how do i make a repl with JUST an xml file?
i don't know. is it possible?
NolanYee (7)
Fake Binary Machine
This repl has no purpose but you'll understand what it is immediately
DVD Player Screensaver
A Java remake of the classic DVD player screensaver. Uses Java swing setBounds(). If there is a better way please let me know.
KeenanBusch (6)
If anyone would like to help me, please join this team: Help me replicate this u...
Wilke000 (486)
Another Cool Story!
# Another Cool Story! ## Probably my best repl yet!! Hello and hello again fellow replers! Today I have a cool story! I want to give thanks to @Bookie...
AlexanderTarn (264)
Inus 1.09
![INUSOFFICIAL]( Patch Notes 1.08: 1. NEW spider nest...
adityakhanna (40)
Quantum information theory basics and how to code a quantum computer
# Quantum information theory basics and how to code a quantum computer In this tutorial, I'll try to go over the basics of quantum computing including...
amaddentcsec (186)
Crazy SQUARE CLICKER Tutorial [PythonTurtle]
# This is a tutorial made for my 121 cycle special.... Hello everyone! Today I am teaching you how to make a square clicker in turtle... I don't know...
katyadee (1223)
✨✨Introduce Yourself! 👋 ✨✨
Hi everyone! Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought...
hello4691 (19)
Python decorator being difficult.
I recently just learned how to use decorators in python (like 5 minutes ago). I decided to test them out. I wanted to make one that would repeat the c...
writedash (6)
my school website
i recreated my school webpage
CodeSalvageON (576)
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Javascript rock paper scissors game. Hope you enjoy.
MasterG49 (28)
CHESS!!! It's been my dream to code this, and now I finally have the skills to do so! \(Note: I haven't added check/checkmates...
Duvangamer3845 (117)
How i can add a node.js file to a html repl???
in this moment im working on a website about videogames,but i wanna create a server to the community with node.js but i can't,every try to add a file...
iceman2413 (8)
Need a mentor!!!
Hello everyone, I have been trying to learn code for a long time, but I never had the time, due lookout, I have started to code and I am enjoying it t...
alto31654 (61)
Cookie_Clicker_Bot you can only use this in linux or Winpython and must have Firefox
Nightmare Clicker
Continuing with my current red and black theme. Here is my nightmare Clicker. If there are any issues please let me know, and also if you have any ide...
Kognise (414) Instantiation POC
I made a a proof of concept for instantiating a bunch of repls. As you may have seen, I recently made a [Node API client](
JackMcEnroe (2)
See how many years it is until your 100 years old!
lol I made this for a task for school, it's not even good.
AloegelhiPlaysR (0)
Package Operation Failed!
I keep getting a package operation failed when trying to host my discord bot. It's been happening for 2 days. ![image](https://storage.googleapis.c...
LiamPotter1 (24)
3D Maze Thing made with HTML,CSS,JS It is not really a maze more just a bunch of paths/halls to walk down. Made with a small amount of HTML and CSS an...
Zexogon (872)
My projects ip adress can’t be found
This could be because of the school filter but I’m just curious as to if repl is having issues right now ![Uploading CC56675A-8CFE-442A-9AD6-8D508E5D6...
hello4691 (19)
So I was thinking
I came up with a cool coding concept called simplified conditions statements (or scs for short). It's pretty simple really. In front of a conditional...