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mat1 (3272)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
TheDrone7 (1006)
Monthly Repls - June 2020
Hello again replers, its a new month and that means... YES! It's time for monthly repls! And for those who do not know what these are, these are the r...
katyadee (1194)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
Mercedes1001 (0)
Example 2 Using relational operators
Example 2 Using relational operators
CraigMiller1 (3)
On My Way..
https://repl.it/@CraigMiller1/List-Practice The biggest problem is that right now, the code is like watching paint dry. I'm sorry, I'm sure the3re ar...
andliu766 (17)
Square detecter v2
This will test to see if the number you enter is a square or not.
CookieGamer733 (0)
Can someone give me a place to learn python or teach me them self
@Duvangamer3845 I heard you knew some python. Could you teach me?
This is an encryption tool, using Python dictionaries and a lot of encoding, it is done with the powah of Python and stuff. It operates using two sepa...
OmarShepherd (0)
Final Tic Tac Toe Project by: @doctorstem
This repl.it is my final project in Advanced Topics of Computer Science
JosephSanthosh (93)
How do you run codes from GitHub in repl.it?
How do you run codes from GitHub in repl.it? Like how do you run a project from GitHub and run it here in Repl.it?
0901 (20)
now it works! :)
This loads minecraft server using latest paper version.
jasonx27 (4)
the rabbit project
you will learn from this place.
CodingRobot12 (75)
What I should do next?
I just finished making a repl that took about 3 weeks to finish. During those 3 weeks, I came across many ideas about what I should code next. However...
andliu766 (17)
Square giver
This program gives you the square of the number you enter.
clintmint (0)
User Authenication Challenge 3
For Week 6 of Security Shepherd
AbhayBhat (148)
How would I connect a client to a server
Hi all, I am sorry if I explain this really badly. I am trying to create a [Client](https://repl.it/@AbhayBhat/Client) and [Server](https://repl.it/@...
allenwu2 (0)
why does this not run?
no errors are showing, but the code won't run. does anyone know why?
andliu766 (17)
Square detector
This program will tell you if the number you enter is a square.
jhke (12)
Buy Bot Z (gots a shiny new logo)
JuliaSzw (1)
:D this sentence has five words
JulietaInfante (0)
calculadora de ganancias diarias, semanales, mensuales y anuales
RomanFranco (0)
Esto son ejercicio son hecho para el curso de udacity
OmerSS (0)
testing pass by pointer
function test takes the interface as value. When I update prop1 inside test using a.test it does not get reflected in main. This happens whether the p...
Todd0420 (1)
no show
I started over and have no errors but nothing appears(board) when I run it. any suggestions.
whats the megabyte limit agin?
I do froget fings at times people is it 30mb or somfink different me is a tad bit confuddled hmmmm free ting btw i am broke so me no hacker plan has...
dabs364 (45)
WHY Episode I (1)
# HELLO PEOPLES ## THIS TIME IM BACK AGAIN... ### WITH AN ANIMATION #### YES IT'S __WHY!__ _Episode 1!_ Learn Something! # ~~REMEMBER TO UPVOTE!~...
JosephSanthosh (93)
Lightning -The Story of Electrix (Python Animation)
***Whats Poppin***, I just made this short story with the help of an awesome friend @VulcanWM. I hope you guys like it and if you want a part 2, then...
amartinez0311 (0)
Hi, Very happy to join the community learn from you and share knowledge. Thank you. A pleasure. Arantza
Sciubb (0)
webpage web development
Building a sales webpage to sell my Lionel trains
thebeastygamer (0)
Custom Domain for HTML for FREE that lasts forever and doesn't end with repl.co
Is it possible to have a Custom Domain in html that is free forever and doesn't have repl.co at the end? If yes, how do you do it?
Sciubb (0)
Building a website to sell my Lionel trains.
How does the python FLASK import work?
I want to make a website with script and I don't know JS
Anyone know what to do now?
im bored and dont know what do to in python?