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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
mat1 (3339)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
21natzil (1133)
Achievement Hunting Club!
'Aight! Welcome to the Wilderness. Here you'll find giant bugs, massive robots, and a place to code. If you and your friends want to conquer t...
TheDrone7 (1326)
Monthly Repls - September 2020
Hey there replers, we made it through one more month *again* so it is time again for the **MONTHLY REPLS** (I know these are a bit too late so sorry a...
katyadee (1221)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving]( Use this space to share anyt...
TheDrone7 (1326)
PL Jam Results!
# PL Jam RESULTS! ​ The wait is officially over! In July 2020, we announced a codejam asking you to develop a language between Aug 10 and Aug 31. Afte...
KoonlamChan (0)
turtle race Guanlin Chen
Using for loop to creat a race track, and import the shape and color of turtles, fianlly using the radint (reference to
spoi2308 (0)
this is permutations for friends. hahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahaha
CringyCrimmer (0)
Tic_Tac_Toe AI
This Is A Tic Tac Toe AI I Made From Scratch Well, Not Exactly An AI, It Just Follow A Series Of if's And Else's
ThunderPython (23)
Hogwarts Quiz
This is a fun quiz game that will Test how much you know about Harry Potter. It also shows How big fan you are. Please Comment, Share, and give this a...
AndrewAung11 (0)
My first Website
You can also search in Tutorials! Go to for full website view.
ThunderPython (23)
Multiplayer Repl?????
Hello replers I am looking for an easy Python multiplayer game I can join. Please send me the link though which I can join the team. About me: Doing P...
AndrewAung11 (0)
A article about Binary Search
Go to for full website view.
MirandaMiranda1 (0)
censo guia 3
guia 3, prueba de censo ejercicio de introducción a la programación, curso polo tic
DintAsk (0)
WOW! Scary monster thing!
Very Scaryy. Its so scary thats is scary isnt that so cool? lmao
Epraim (0)
Boolean and flag
can anyone tell me how to write a boolean flag i am 11 years old and sometimes thing can get hard. anyone please and thank you.
Epraim (0)
Boolean and flag
Does anyone know how to write a boolean flag and can you break it down to me? please and thank you i am just 11 learning so thing can get hard.
Carrotiae (0)
How long will the repl keep running until it times out?
^so b a s i c a l l y w h a t t h e s u b j e c t s a i d d d d d d dd
AmirShojaedini (1)
Monkey picture for image assignment in JAVA
PatrickGozar (0)
Un poco de historia
Es lo mejor que pude hacer , basándome de Trivia , gracias:)
JosephCarter2 (0)
The Funny Genie
It's a funny event of wishes that you get to choose
Horses64 (0)
Times table
I made it for people to practice their time tables
codedude123 (0)
This code can add,subtract,multiply,and divide. Hope you like it!
ThanakornAndre (0)
web page
the missing work that i didnt submit this web page is about apple logo background
AbuIbra (0)
See if you can get question Correctly
Ik there are other answers but this is what I was able to do with the time I had.
EvelineVeloso (0)
Lista com vetor
Lista implementada por meio de vetor
SoloBoy999 (6)
MultiMath 1.7
You can check out 1.7 right now! I will not tell you what is added but you will see at end!
FocusForte (0)
Where can I find an updated guide to getting a Wordpress server on a Raspbian Lite?
I'm fairly new to putting up my own servers, I got wordpress server running with XAMPP on windows and want to move it to a Pi so it's a dedicated head...
JonatanGarbuyo (0)
FCC: Time Calculator
FreeCodeCamp Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Time Calculator
MeharSinghSingh (3)
chatting app 2
based on the one from cyon2020. let me know about any bugs because I am still working on it. and if you like it let me know
retronbv (81)
Express Website Template
I have made a Express Website Template It includes: - HTML CSS navbar - Multiple Pages - Custom FavIcon - Site-wide dark/light mode - 404 Not found p...
Winswins22 (0)
C++ Functions to Output Data
Contains basic functions to output sets, vectors, arrays and pairs.
RayhanADev (312)
bad post
this is a bad post for testing repl talk bots.
JayChoksi (1)
Connect 4
Play a text based version of Connect 4.
EliDacreach (2)
Genshin Impact Character EXP Calculator
calculates EXP items and Mora needed to level characters. currently only accurate up to 71. Missing Experience data from beyond that.
dylhit (0)
Hack Club (10/21/20)
Code for the Hack Club meeting on 10/21/20.