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4/15/19: This Week @ Repl.it
katyadee (1161)



Welcome back to this week's edition of the Repl.it newsletter (now on talk)! In this week's edition:

  • Tip of the Week: File Switching
  • Last chance to enter the Game Jam!
  • Build Games with Python Play
  • Join Golang and Java with the Language Learning Club
  • Grab some Repl.it Swag

Oh, and if you're curious, the language used in this newsletter is Node.js


In the repl working environment, you can quickly switch between files by pressing CMD+P (Mac) or CTRL+P (Linux). Want to switch files in Multiplayer without leaving the chat? The file switcher is your best friend.


The competition is coming to a close! You only have a few days left to submit your game on the Challenge board. So many awesome games are also being submitted - check them all out there too!

Not sure what this Game Jam is about? Check out this post for more details.


a simple game/gui library

Pygame can be really confusing at times, especially for Python newbies who just want to play around with graphics. @glench has created an open-source library for building games and graphics projects called Python Play!

Loosely based on Scratch, Python Play makes it simple to get games up and running. Here's a simple tutorial on building pong using Play in only 50 lines of code. Be sure to leave an upvote!


somebody help me

Repl.it's official Language Learning Club has started! The way it works is that we learn languages together via open-source materials. The two languages chosen are Java and Golang. Join us here!

Otherwise, if you just want to join the general Repl.it Discord, use this invite link.


the memes keep coming

We've been getting a lot of requests recently about Repl.it shirts - they're very much available and very much yours! Grab your intriguing, slightly-cryptic shirt now! We don't really make money on these; we just want you to be able to have them.

Find the shirt at our TeeSpring store!


As always, please feel free to give us feedback on our feedback boards!

The Repl.it Team