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Hello everyone! It's been a while since we had a code jam, hasn't it? Now, this isn't going to be a normal code jam, but yes, we're going to be having an event. It's a festive season, so let's celebrate that. We've created a leaderboard for . If you don't know what advent of code is, you can find information here: . TLDR: Every day for the month of December (till Christmas), coding challenges will be presented. It progressively gets harder, and trust me, they can get pretty tough. The faster you finish, the more points you get, so don't bother copying someone else :wink: To get started, click login, and login using whatever site you fancy. After doing that, click Leaderboards, click private leaderboards, and then use this code to join: 374141-69b5b119. And you're in! When the event ends, the person with the highest total points wins, just like a normal code jam! We'll be making a channel for it soon, so stay tuned. PLEASE NOTE, do not put this code into the sponsors box when creating an account.

We created a channel on our discord server for the event, so if you have questions, make sure to comment here, or join the discord server and ask in the #advent channel. See you guys there!

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A helpful site for practicing these types of problems: