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Welcome back to another edition of App of the Week!

This week's App of the Week, from @darianmoody, couldn't have come at a better time.

Darian's Feed Finder is an elegant (only 40 lines of Python!) program that uses BeautifulSoup to reveal the original RSS feed behind any Apple podcast. Now you can listen to your favorite podcast, anywhere, and unencumbered by Apple's restrictions.

Here's a little bit about how it was created, from the developer himself:

@darianmoody: I'm Darian, a lead software engineer from London. I've been developing for about ten years now, mostly with Python, JavaScript & Elixir. My inbox is always open for new devs :)

@katdee: What gave you the idea?

@darianmoody: It fixed a problem I had! It first existed as a bookmarklet that I wrote back in 2012. There's a short post here which dives more into the why. Essentially, the bookmarklet stopped working due to a change Apple made and people started emailing me about it, so I built a tiny app and hosted it on Repl.it so that people could continue to get the functionality they lost. The people that emailed me about it use it every day for their jobs and I had no idea about that, so that was pretty cool.

@katdee: How did you build it?

@darianmoody: Two steps:

1) Worked out how to access the original feed URL on any given iPhone podcast page. If you know what the podcast URL should be, then it's a case of finding out if Apple output that on any of their endpoints. Luckily for this tool, they do output it in the JSON bundle they use to hydrate their Ember.JS app - but it never gets displayed on the page.

2) Write a small Python app which takes a single input from the user which is the Apple Podcast page they want the original feed for. It uses Flask for the web server, requests to do the HTTP fetch and beautifulsoup to parse the HTML and extract the original URL from the response.

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darianmoody (1)

Thanks Katya!

Happy to answer any questions :)