🗣APP OF THE WEEK: Discross 🗣
katyadee (1167)

This week’s App of the Week is Discross. Discross is an unofficial Discord client compatible with all platforms that support HTML. It’s secure, too—it uses webhooks and a bot so it doesn’t need access to your Discord user token, which would allow anyone to control your account. Here's a little bit about it from the creator:

"I used discord.py to create this (and many other libraries). The creation process started with making a bot bot that would mirror my messages, and then I made it send as anyone from the browser. I have a repl for modding Minecraft Classic (an old version of Minecraft that was ported to JS by Mojang) but that's on a different account." - @discross

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Zavexeon (722)

Great, because who doesn't want Discord on their Wii?

Neat little app though. ^w^