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📸APP OF THE WEEK: imag.cf 📸
katyadee (1201)

This week's App of the Week, by @mat1, is a handy—and anonymous!—image uploader written in Python. Poke around the full repl here.

Goodbye imgur, hello imag.cf!

Nominate our next App of the Week here.

PDanielY (983)

@mat1 imag.cf doesn't work anymore

TheDrone7 (1089)

Wait but that app was so old. IIRC, mat's been using it for a few months.

amasad (2498)

@TheDrone7 App of the Week is not about new stuff, it's about things that are deployed and people are using. We look at traffic and how people are using it.

If you make something that people are using we'll highlight it, regardless of how new or old is it.

ShadowCypher (30)

@amasad Hey Amjad! Sorry for bothering you - do you know if Smartify will be featured in the next newsletter? If not, I completely understand, but I just figured I'd ask :)

katyadee (1201)

@ShadowCypher Katya here! Yes, I didn't want it to get lost in the shuffle since this week's was already pretty packed with info

ShadowCypher (30)

@katyadee Haha perfect, I understand. I'm up to 114 users so I'd imagine the newsletter would potentially give it the boost it needs for people to start regularly using it :)

katyadee (1201)

@ShadowCypher Wow! That's awesome. Have you created a Share post about it yet?

TheDrone7 (1089)

@katyadee y u have a convo in replies to my comment? My email has already been spammed. ;-;