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At Home Students Code Jam
21natzil (1128)

Hello Replitors! Its come to our attention that many of our awesome replitors are at home because of school closings because of COVID-19. However, we want to make the best of it, to continue to learn and grow unimpeded by the virus threat.

Join us from March 16th, 6:00 PM EST to March 23rd, 6:00 PM EST for a code jam on the Repl.it discord. The code jam is a 1-week event where replitors will have the chance to test their skills and create a project around a theme.

The theme will be presented when the event starts, as to not give anyone a head-stasrt. You're welcome to go in solo, or work with a group of friends! It will be judged by members of the Repl.it moderators team and prizes are as follows.

  • 3rd place: $250, and instant fame
  • 2nd place: $500, discord perks, and instant fame
  • 1st place: $1000, add an emoji to the discord along with other perks, and instant fame

To sign up, use this Google form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScQF_Ji06ph_6rqI42fHzsX1JAWLivmTvr2KVn6Iahk7mwqFg/viewform

And join our Discord Server where we will be hanging out and coordinating during the jam. Keep an eye on #announcements for important jam announcements.

Nettakrim (379)

is the instant fame guaranteed?

SixBeeps (2508)

I am not the 6th comment, but rather the 7th. This is infuriating.


Ha ha!... Why did you comment in the first [email protected]


Oh. Wow. I’ve come all this way and I don’t know what is in-fur-trated. @SixBeeps

sugarfi (484)

@SixBeeps you're 6th if you count from 0

AdCharity (1270)

What's the theme though (Discord is down 4 me)
Edit: got it running

EthanHorowitz (70)

@AdCharity the theme is coronavirus prevention

AdCharity (1270)

@Imthebestthe it was a server issue on their side. If it's not working for you I would probably force stop the app (which is what I did)

AdCharity (1270)

@Imthebestthe :( that's not good. I mean most important announcements will come through Repl itself, but I'm not too good at "debugging" what's wrong with applications.

montecalvol26 (0)

Yeah, whats the theme?

bramley (194)

that's a lot of money holy christ

PDanielY (979)

um what if you can't be on discord

LizFoster (592)

@PDanielY I was about to ask the same thing, ha ha

RogueHalo (402)

@PDanielY Then wait till someone shares it on here - or don't enter.

oignons (250)

@PDanielY @LizFoster the theme is coronavirus prevention

DJWang (1143)

How do you submit?

montecalvol26 (0)

@DJWang you have to fill out the form

Tsadema (18)

can we join after the start date? (didn't see this until 9 on Mar. 16)

eekboi (237)

@21natzil uhh, i cant go onto the discord server, any idea why?

BenjaminNamikas (0)

@eekboi no clue it says issues are being resolved

BenjaminNamikas (0)

@eekboi theme is corona virus prevention

JDOG787 (185)

@eekboi it was down for me too so I could see the theme.

sugarfi (484)

When do the results come out?

generationXcode (162)

Instant fame... hmmm What is everyone hates who wins... then?

oignons (250)

when will the winners be announced?

JaredJS7172 (0)

ME sad I just read the post, is there going to be another competition.

DJWang (1143)

for i in range(7):

Lethdev2019 (58)

i am finally able to go home! (UK)

SanjaySomasunda (0)

What language is the theme going to be?

oignons (250)

@SanjaySomasunda Any Language! The theme is coronavirus prevention!

montecalvol26 (0)

This is my first jam. Do you have to write in a specific language? And where is the theme posted?

AlephZero (337)

@montecalvol26 The theme was posted in the repl.it discord, it's coronavirus prevention. No specific language you have to write in, just make something cool :)

montecalvol26 (0)

Where do i find the theme?

Coder100 (4022)

The theme is on discord.
It is about COVID19 prevention. @montecalvol26

bgrubert (143)

I'm excited to see the entries for this code jam even though I'll not be participating my self

BenjiTempleman (0)

how much money do we get

Thehappysquid (36)

I do not have discord, can I post on repl.it?

sugarfi (484)

do we post our projects in the challenge channel?

mwilki7 (1012)
as to not give anyone a head-stasrt