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At Home Students Code Jam
21natzil (1128)

Hello, replitors! I hope everyone has been staying safe and finding ways to entertain themselves. Today we have the results, of the At Home Students Code Jam. We had many submissions, all of them very high quality and creative. However, we can only have 3 winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd), and it was very hard to choose. After a week of jamming and a week of judging, we're finally ready to reveal the winners to this awesome jam! But before we do that, we have to give out some honorable mentions.

Thank you once again to all of our fabulous contestants, it was a pleasure looking at every one of them. And now the submissions we've all been waiting for, THE TOP 3.

Third Place - @blackcarter & @ImMatt

@blackcarter and @ImMatt created a fantastic website that displayed information in pristine fashion, with updating statistics and graphs.

We were blown away at the quality of the website, as it's very enjoyable to look at. It's a good thing too because with all their information you can be looking at it for a long time. All the animations are smooth, clean and engage the viewer. The graphs are well made and contain great information, including information that's relevant to anyone looking at it. These replitors went beyond researching how to make the website but did a lot of research about the COVID-19 epidemic too. Thank you for your submissions, we can't wait to see what you build next!

You can view their website here.

Second Place - @TheDrone7 & @Lilykhan

@TheDrone7 and @Lilykhan generated a fantastic game, made to entertain but at the same time educate people about coronavirus prevention.

The game is fantastic, with great art and simple enough that it can reach a young audience. Because it can be used by kids at an early age, it's a great way to teach children who may not fully understand what the coronavirus prevention directions they've been given mean. And even if you're not 6, you too can play the game and enjoy it, as well as be treated with helpful information at the end. The links to other important websites are great after you've engaged by the game and want to learn more. Phenomenal job, way to go!

You can game their awesome game here

First place - @raghavm & @LehuyH

@raghavm and @LehuyH composed a dashboard that helps you set goals to keep sanitary and safe, while at the same time be entertained.

We've arrived at our winner, Fortify. This project was a creative solution for a real-world problem, people just not doing the correct prevention methods. Humans can be lazy, even with the looming threat of an epidemic. Sometimes we just want to get something done, so summoning the willpower to wash your hands for the full 20 seconds can be hard. Making sure you distance yourself, while staying active, can be hard. This site rewards you for that hard work. You can track down how many times you've washed your hands, or taken a walk. Working towards this goal is encouraging and lets you stay safe mentally and physically. Also, it's a nice looking website, and as stated earlier, very, very creative. Congratulations to our first place winner, keep up the great work!

You can set your goals here

Thank you once again to everyone who participated. If you didn't win, don't worry! We'll have plenty of jams and other activities in the future, so stay tuned! Also, many of us have a lot more time now, more time you can spend honing your coding skills for the next jam. Farewell, and stay safe everyone!

ImMatt (1)

It was a really cool experience participating. Props to everyone who participated, super stocked to get third along with all those amazing projects and coders! Thanks to replit and all the staff.

Anthony_Tonev (96)

Can you share a list of all of the submissions since it is impossible to find them by searching JAM#9?

lilykhan (124)

Omg! yessss, It was the 1st time I participated in codeJam and second place isn't bad!! <3 I'm so thankful to @TheDrone7 for participating with me in coedejam! :D

JDOG787 (185)

awesome, I can't believe we made it to the honorable mentions!!
good job everyone!!!

Coder100 (4007)

Nice work everyone!
I just want to point out that @jdog787 worked on corna.io as well :)

raghavm (95)

Thanks so much to @21natzil and the whole repl.it team for hosting this online code jam! SO EXCITED that @LehuyH and I received first place, and the experience and great time killer at home. :D

ThatSmart (86)

hmm no terminal apps in the top list

ThatSmart (86)

@ThatSmart ill have to keep that in mind for the next jam

RohilPatel (802)

Rats, I find it hard that the only reason I didn't win is the styles, but I know that for next time!

PowerCoder (581)

When will the next coding jam be?

blackcarter (19)

Awesome! I had a lot of fun, can't wait for the future code jams to come!!

Boopydoop (155)

This was a great competition :)

My submission was kinda trash tho

AlephZero (337)

Had a fantastic time participating, looking forward to the next code jam :)

AdCharity (1270)

So if there were a fourth, fifth, and sixth place who would they be

Nettakrim (379)

@AdCharity mabey also seventh eighth and ninth...