#BuiltOnReplit (Edition #44)
21natzil (1147)

Zǎoshang hǎo! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week. The repl.it discord finished their code jam, with the theme being simulation. In 3rd place we have a tie! @badvillain01 and @fzt both did fantastic jobs, keep up the great work! In 2nd place we have @TheDrone7, well done, I hope to see you next jam! And last, but most certainly not least, in 1st place we have @JackLee7, who now dons the Royal Jammer role, and got to add an emoji of their choice. If you want to participate next jam, be sure to join our discord server to be notified when we do one! Now that we've gone over those results, let's see what repls this week resulted in!

@William3 Created a wrapper, for interacting with github in python!
@byonano Made an absolutely fantastic ray casting engine in python, definitely check it out!
@MarcusWeinberger Did a bit of investigating, and was able to find some repl.it secrets
@RUPAMCHAKRABOR1 Created a mini-blockchain to represent how a blockchain works
@MarcusWeinberger Marcus is on a roll, because they also made this awesome chatroom, all in python!

Hope to see you all next week, join the discord :P

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TheDrone7 (1441)

BRUH, these code jams is precisely what I use repl.it for. You can rest assured. I will be joining all the future codejams if I can.