Banned abuser
amasad (2065)

You all may have seen that someone has been going around posting unsavory content (to say the least) to various apps and challenge entries.

With the help of @TheDrone7, we've been able to locate the abuser and ban them from the site for life. We also have all his information and IP address and if the person in question were to return we'll be escalating to the authorities.

I wanted to share this publicly so that:

1- you know that we don't tolerate behavior like this
2- you secure your apps and websites preferably with auth (which allowed us to catch the attacker)

Read more about Auth here:

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PDanielY (726)

Will you share who did iy?


@PDanielY I'm wondering the same too, so I can pursue my own "route of justice" on this kid.

generationXcode (33)

@sanjaykdragon he/she might be older than u... But even I'm curious

eaz (7)

@PDanielY i imagine they dont want us all mobbing whoever it was

PDanielY (726)

@eaz But how? The person was banned from and if they are in the discord server probably banned there

eaz (7)

@PDanielY like @sanjaykdragon said they would
"pursue justice"


@eaz man it sure is odd how someone who is inactive for months at a time suddenly comes on after a spammer gets banned

eaz (7)

@sanjaykdragon what, you accusing me? are you not in the discord?
im just not active on repl talk cuz i use discord for talk
(and im active there)