Banned abuser
amasad (2272)

You all may have seen that someone has been going around posting unsavory content (to say the least) to various apps and challenge entries.

With the help of @TheDrone7, we've been able to locate the abuser and ban them from the site for life. We also have all his information and IP address and if the person in question were to return we'll be escalating to the authorities.

I wanted to share this publicly so that:

1- you know that we don't tolerate behavior like this
2- you secure your apps and websites preferably with auth (which allowed us to catch the attacker)

Read more about Auth here:

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eaz (8)

@LittleNomster discross doesnt want your discord username and password, they want the name and password you get from linking your actual discord account by sending the bot a message with your actual account
i actually just switched tabs from programming a system that once complete will allow users to talk in specific discord channels without a discord account at all