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[Beta/Explorers] Announcing repl.run: publish your terminal apps as websites

Almost everyone's first computer program is a terminal program along the lines of:

name = input('What is your name?\n')
print('Hi, %s.' % name)

Every programmer has experienced an intense sense of accomplishment when someone uses their program. The problem is that, until today, there was no easy way to share text and terminal-based programs.

That's why we're excited to announce repl.run, where every, and I mean every, terminal program on Repl.it can be published as a website.

You'll get a website with a fullscreen terminal with your program automatically running. Here's the @pyelias's classic chatroom repl.runing:

Here's what it looks like to publish @ericqweinstein's snake game:

You can play it at sssnake.ericqweinstein.repl.run. And the chatroom here: chatroom.pyelias.repl.run.

This is only the beginning. We think we built a whole new way to share terminal apps on the web and it's going to take us a while, with your help, to explore all the implications here.

Get your own repl.run link by becoming an explorer.




Is it possible to get the query string from the url?


This is very cool!


I'm not an explorer but I have it and it's amazing!!!


@timmy_i_chen I would, but I use IOS chrome and explore doesn't like it...