#BuiltOnReplit (Edition #48) !!! Free Tacos !!!
21natzil (1130)

Just kidding! No free tacos, at least not yet. If you guys really want tacos, maybe we can make something happen. But you know where you can get free tacos? The repl.it discord server! (Not really but you should join anyways). Today we have a very pressing question for you. Do you like repl.it's previous newsletter theme, or the one @TheDrone7 made on the repl.it discord: https://newsletter-testing.thedrone7.repl.co/ Let us know in the comments! Now, let's checkout the other reason you're here, besides the free tacos. The weekly repls!

@LaurinNeff Created a program that estimates the digits in pi!
@VikasTomar Be sure to checkout this django website that allows you modify and fix your text!
@TimothyAnderso1 Continues to improve their python email service!
@Gentrix Created a text RPG with a scary story and a huge map!
@mat1 It's a double helix, not just cool, but really cool

Yes, I'm one week behind, sorry! We'll be back on schedule next week 😊

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ebest (631)

@TheDrone7 Nope! doesn't work for me.