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Chrome Extension for Repl.it: Make a new repl from anywhere.
GavHern (81)

Hey, Everyone!

I made a Google Chrome extension to quickly create new repls, no matter what page you're on! While I did initially make this for personal use, I hope other people can find a good use for it and save yourself a bit of time. If you would like to download it here's a link to the chrome web store.

Let me know if you like it or have any issues. (I am aware that you get a message that says the extension is not in the webstore, that will hopefully go away sooner or later. I'm pretty sure it's because it just got accepted.)

GavHern (81)

(I have firefox support now!)[https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/new-repl/]. I'm in the process of supporting opera.

James193 (12)

this is a great way of accessing your repls really quickly and effectively!!!

GavHern (81)

@James193 Thank you so much! Glad you enjoy it!

Mosrod (474)

A way to sort the languages would be useful and a way to remove languages that you don't use would make the extension better.

GavHern (81)

@Mosrod Totally! That is definitely in my plans!

GavHern (81)

I'm trying to support other browsers but firefox is saying that files that exist are missing and opera is not uploading the file for whatever reason. Let me know if you want me to support more than Chrome, I'll try but I can't guarantee I'll get it up and running.

mkhoi (307)

@GavHern Pls support more than Chrome!

GavHern (81)

@mkhoi Firefox and Opera are giving me a bit of trouble. I'm working on it.

GavHern (81)

@mkhoi ok, I added it to firefox. I'll support other browsers soon. Here's firefox