CodeJam4 Results
Mosrod (384)

Here are the results of the 4th CodeJam. If you hadn't participated, but want to do so in the future, keep an eye out in Announcements for posts about CodeJams.
The theme was creating a console game and was graded by creativity (/10), quality(/5), and funess (/10).

9th Place (13 Points): @OmniShift

8th Place (14 Points): @21Miya

7th Place (14 Points): @SirNapkin1334

6th Place (14 Points): @ILikePizza555

5th Place (15 Points): @Scoder1212

4th Place (16 Points): @WagicalGale

3rd Place (16 Points): @fullern000

2nd Place (20 Points): @theangryepicbanana

1st Place (22 Points): @pyelias

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OmniShift (12)

I got points? O.o
Mine was a concept at best I feel. Regardless, I learned some new tricks thanks to some guidance from elias :)
Hopefully I'll sit down for it again in the near future to fix it with a clear head.

Congratulations to the winner and well done to all who participated!