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Developer Spotlights - Breloom watches you in your room!
TheDrone7 (1034)

Hey there replers! Hope you're all doing fine and well because this week, we're featuring one of our community favorites on the developer spotlight - @Zavexeon! Zave has been around in the community for a long time and the community has grown very fond of him and this week we finally got an opportunity to sit down with him and conduct this interview which is given below!

@TheDrone7 : Hello there Zave! Could you please introduce yourself to the community?

@Zavexeon : Hi! I'm Zavexeon (usually known as Zave). I'm a self taught hobbyist programmer who seemingly can't finish any projects.

@TheDrone7 : That's makes two of us. But, how did you get into programming?

@Zavexeon : My interest in coding started when one of my friends had the idea to start a game development company, and we could make games. None of knew how to code though, so that sorta drove me to start. I wanted to start programming but the school offered no classes. So I found some online resources, looked up what would be a good beginner language, chose Ruby, and started learning about it. The company never happened and I was the only one who ended up learning to program.

@TheDrone7 : And how were your earliest experiences with programming?

@Zavexeon : Not good. At first I just relied on Stack Overflow. I'd copy code that'd do something I needed, and end up with this Frankstein monster of pieces of different people's code. Eventually I stopped relying so heavily, and I knew what things did, but I didn't actually know what I was doing. I was a mindless programmer.

@TheDrone7 : A mindless programmer heh? And how did it change eventually?

@Zavexeon : Eventually I went back through some more lessons, and actually tried to understand the material. I started studying general programming concepts harder and my understanding of programming improved, and I began to be able to materialize my own code.

@TheDrone7 : And how did repl.it enter your life?

@Zavexeon : Well I needed a place to program Ruby online since at the moment all I had was a school Chromebook. So I just Googled "online ruby" or something like that, and found repl.it. The website design was a thousand times better than some alternatives, and pretty simple, so I stuck around.

@TheDrone7 : I guess Ruby was never too popular anyways. In any case, what were some of the earliest programs you made?

@Zavexeon : It seems like nothing today, but the first program I actually showed some understanding with was a Rock Paper Scissors game in Ruby. After that, I started building more simple Ruby programs. I built a random name generator that can generate 50,000 something random names in a few seconds, and I started making a "OS" in Ruby.

@TheDrone7 : You mean, pseudo OS? Or actual OS?

@Zavexeon : It was more of a shell in Ruby.

@TheDrone7 : You said it seems like nothing today, what are some of your proudest projects that make it seem that way?

These are some of @Zavexeon's proudest projects


@Zavexeon : I rushed it in only a couple days, but my website zave.tech is probably my proudest. It is a website with a brief description about me and some links to my socials. zave.tech itself is really a demonstration of my current front-end programming ability.


@Zavexeon : I'm also really proud of the front end of dolya.me (that you coincidentally collaborated with me on), dolya.me was my first attempt at a serious front end. It was an idea sharing website, the goal for users to share their ideas, and hopefully find people to collaborate with them.

Name generator

@Zavexeon : I'm also proud of this one even though it isn't much special. It was one of my earliest projects and it is capable of generating up to 50,000 names!

@Zavexeon : I also made some dice rollers. My dice rollers were all pretty similar, but they allowed you to roll standard dice (d6, d20, etc) or custom ones. What if you wanted to roll a 69d420? You could also add custom rolls like 2 + 3d6 * 2 and stuff.

Something I'm currently working on is ReplForms. It aims towards providing repl.it users with a Google Forms like form service, that gives special repl.it features. For example, the forms can record the actual repl.it user that filled out the form (preventing another MMH disaster).

@TheDrone7 : OOH that sounds pretty cool! What else are you interested in other than programming and stuff?

@Zavexeon : Besides programming I like drawing and reading. I'm also into retro consoles, and I collect and play those, in particular Nintendo consoles (my N64 is where my life force comes from). Recently I've wanted to start a garden a plant a bunch of pretty flowers and maybe some vegetables.

@TheDrone7 : The garden idea sounds great, we can always use some more beautiful plants and flowers on the Earth! But, do you mind sharing some of your drawings and the books you've enjoyed reading?

@Zavexeon : Most of the books I read are sci-fi. The 5th Wave series is good, and the Tunnels series is pretty good as well, though it gets extremely weird the last couple of books. The book I find most interesting is "The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus" by Erika Cheetham. It's essentially a collection of prophecies and interpretations of them. I'm not superstitious and don't really believe in prophecies, but it's still fascinating how well some of them fit to events that happened after they were foretold.

And, a few of my drawings are: -

@TheDrone7 : Those are some really beautiful sketches and books you've shared for the readers, anything else you'd like to share with the community?

@Zavexeon : Just a discord meme -

@TheDrone7 : Haha, nice meme. Well, thanks for your time, have a nice day!

And that's it for this week's developer spotlight! If you want to be featured in one of these yourself, be sure to post awesome stuff on repl talk and keep an eye out on your discord DMs and e-mail inbox!
Also, if you have any feedback for the spotlights, be sure to put them in the comments section. Any constructive feedback is always appreciated!

Thank you for reading all this. See you all next week with another amazing developer from the community!

HazTheWaz (192)

one of the cutest repliters

DynamicSquid (2611)

@HazTheWaz I thought you were talking about the actual person for a sec lol

HazTheWaz (192)

@DynamicSquid i was talking about zave, yes

Lord_Poseidon (158)

WATCHES ME IN MY ROOM wtf stop making up creepy lines just so they rhyme

Bookie0 (3217)

Noice. These things are cool!

DynamicSquid (2611)


You should do a dev spotlight with yourself, that actually be kinda cool

DynamicSquid (2611)

@CodeLongAndPros umm... I-I don't... well... uh...

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@DynamicSquid That's like:

sudo dd if=- of=- bs=4k
DynamicSquid (2611)

@CodeLongAndPros I don't understand linux commands

CodeLongAndPros (952)

As admin, copy your input to your input.


Command was wrong:

sudo dd if=/dev/stdin of=/dev/stdout
TheDrone7 (1034)

@CodeLongAndPros I'm deleting that comment cuz it feels like you had a stroke while writing that.

DynamicSquid (2611)

@TheDrone7 thank you! I got tired of scrolling lol

CodeLongAndPros (952)

@TheDrone7 I used:
python -c "for i in range(1000): print(\"@TheDrone7: So, how did you start programming?\")" | xclip -sel clip

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I wish you were watching me in my room : )

not creepy
DynamicSquid (2611)

I don't want someone watching me in my room...