katyadee (1160)

After a long wait, we’re finally ready to announce the winners of our inaugural Repl.it Game Jam!

Without further adieu… the winner of 1BTC—which as of Monday, April 29th, 2019, is valued at 5,158.14 U.S. dollars—is ... 🥁🥁🥁🥁

@ggzor and @MarisolH’s SceneMachine!

SceneMachine is a 2D physics game made with SVG graphics. The goal is to find out what happened to planet New Sphene’s colors (and eventually restore them).

What the judges liked most about SceneMachine:

  • Creative storyline
  • Easy, fun, and elaborate game play
  • Clean, polished UI
  • Clear instructions

Here are our runner ups…

Best Individual Game: CryptoStory:Isekai, Action Adventure game using Phaser CE

Best Group Game: Zanderian Prince Simulator 2020

Best Storyline: Type

Best Graphics: The Price of Adventure

Most Community Votes: The Fishing Game

Winners will be notified via email with more info on their prizes. 😊

Check out our full game gallery here.

Special thank you to Satoshi's Treasure for sponsoring the game jam. We wouldn't have been able to give out such a generous prize package without them!

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AkhilGupta (16)

Congratulations to all the winners! I played many games, including 3 of the winning titles. Guess, I'll try the remaining 3 as well!
It was a nice jam, my first one too!
I feel a little sad, some mixed feeling, yet a bit encouraged to keep on keeping on. In fact I even posted it on itch.io recently and will probably continue it (and hopefully someone will play it someday😅)!
Wish everyone good luck as well!
And thanks to team repl.it for hosting this game jam! Look forward to the next jam!!!