App of the Week #1
PDanielY (1120)

We are happy to announce the first App of the week project. Can I get a drum roll please?
Drum roll
This week's app of the week is @AllAwesome497 's discord moderation bot. We picked this for app of the week because it would a good bot that would moderate and prevent spam on the discord server. @AllAwesome497 's discord moderation bot helped staff to prevent spammers.
We interviewed him and this is what he has to say:

Q: Why did you make this bot
A: Purely out of disliking dyno. I wanted it to replace dyno on the repl server since dyno is very annoying and not very good.

Q: How long did it take you to make this bot?
A: I'm still not done with it but it was over three months before i released it. I started it in may if i remember correctly. I have over 50 hrs in it easily.

Q: What programming language did you make this bot in?
A: Python (

Q: Did you have any troubles when you were making the bot?
A: Since it was originally a fork from an older bot, I had a lot of code from that. That ended badly since a lot of the code I used for that bot wasn't very good.

Q: How did you react when you found out that your bot was repl of the week?
A: I was a bit surprised. Kinda came out of nowhere

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