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katyadee (1228)

Hi everyone!

Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought you here... whatever you're comfortable with!

Can't wait to get to know y'all.


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kayyo (0)

Hello folks! I'm trying to learn as much as i can, one thing at a time... currently just focused on C++ and Python. I'm also in school for it all. Kind of discovered I knew a bit more than I would've thought I'd know coming into school for this, thanks to PC gaming and curiosity when i was heavily into some simulators of mine. I'm 25, I go to college, I'm a veteran (U.S. Army), um... huge gamer when I've time to, quiet, peaceful, and I've Asperger's (Late Diagnosis from my time in the army).