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amasad (2544)

Hello everyone! Let's use this thread to get to know each other. Just say hi and a few words about who you are, maybe what are you building or learning with Repl.it.

If you're not comfortable sharing anything then share something fun 😉

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robmuh (16)

Hey there, Mr. Rob here.

Got into programming hacking games on my Atari 800 and playing Zork. Was way into languages having learned French and Russian and lived and worked there. Wrote language software when the Internet came out.

Before that I was a skater, cyclist (road and moutain, MOAB baby), white-water river guide, and eventually cruise director on the Volga river in Russia. Nearly arrested for hacking in Russia just for using CompuServe to save on Fax costs (wow does that date me). Met more than a dozen spies, old school and new while there but never actually got to become one (probably a good thing).

Taught myself HTML before there was a single book on it. Wrote the world's first HTML form processing script (fb.pl) and hosted on my home Mac. Installed Mach Linux on a Mac. Helped form Fibernet and had people say, "Why would I want to be on the Internet? That is for academics and military." So moved to Oregon where I was the "CGI Guy" for 3 years at Teleport. Wrote the world's first web-based web page creation tool Teleport Webspinner (way before Frontpage was a thing). Wrote code that automated the creation of Apache virtual servers creating hundreds in fraction of the time.

Headhunted into Nike where I built their first Intranet web portal and created Nike's first live "blog" to cover the Nagano Olympics (which I got to cover live from Japan). Presented to hundreds at Nike conferences about the new "emerging language Java". Brought Linux into Nike (before it was considered legit).

Headhunted to IBM to code Java but became sysadmin/developer and created all kinds of fun stuff including a high-level network protocol using MIME-based, GPG to create secure footprints for security compliance audits of 52,000 machines. It was awesome! Some of the most fun I have ever had. Architected the PostgreSQL DB (when everyone else was going MySQL). Created a UUID schema and architecture for the company. Found memory leaks in 64,000 lines of bad C code and decided to leave.

Retired to start SkilStak Coding Arts (skilstak.io) where I teach a handful (70-100) brilliant students boutique-music-lessons style in semi-private lessons and have pioneered new modular education models (soilsrc.org) to enable knowledge to be shared and managed like source code.

Discovered REPL.it and bagged on it at first for "not being real" but I could not be more wrong. It is as real as most people will be able to use and much more than an educational tool. Our students were using skilstak.sh, a command-line only Linux machine to write code and run our skilbot and challenge bots. We went 5 years without anyone claiming the bounty of $200 for anyone able to find any school or organization teaching kids as young at 8 to use the Linux command line and specifically to write code on a terminal with vi/vim.

Love everything about REPL.it and the company (other than the React bias 😁 I am a big Vuejs fan).

Keep it going. (Plug: We do remote 1-1 private lessons now as well.)

amasad (2544)

@robmuh good to see you here, Rob. And an awesome story, much respect.

p.s. I miss the simplicity of the CGI world. So simple, and the program can leak memory and do whatever because it's discarded at the end of the request 🙏