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katyadee (1228)

Hi everyone!

Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought you here... whatever you're comfortable with!

Can't wait to get to know y'all.


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thegareebteen (0)

Hey there, my name is Siddharth Saxena, and I am an 11th grade student based in India. I have recently started to learn Python in school, and have learned some basics of HTML a few years ago. I also have interests in video games, food (P.S. I am a vegetarian :p), nature, cycling and photography (you can follow me on Instagram @thegareebteen). By the way, I joined this site to primarily program without putting load on my system, and also I am pretty much lazy to download the libraries. Nice to see you all people!