👋✨Introduce yourself 🎉😀
amasad (2449)

Hello everyone! Let's use this thread to get to know each other. Just say hi and a few words about who you are, maybe what are you building or learning with Repl.it.

If you're not comfortable sharing anything then share something fun 😉

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SkyRaaf (0)

Hi! I'm Adelina and I'm new to repl.it. I've been interested in coding for quite a while and I took a Python 3 coding camp (if you wanna know the website here it is: https://method.kz/almaty) in July and graduated. I look forward to learning more Python and might even take that coding camp again. I hope to become a programmer as my job (since I only have 9 more years till college) and I will continue learning. :D

amasad (2449)

@SkyRaaf welcome! It's awesome you're planning this far into the future :)