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amasad (2736)

Hello everyone! Let's use this thread to get to know each other. Just say hi and a few words about who you are, maybe what are you building or learning with Repl.it.

If you're not comfortable sharing anything then share something fun 😉

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IbraheemRodrigues (86)

Hi, I'm Ibraheem,

I've been programming for around 5/6 years now, and found out about repl.it around a year ago in school, as we used it when our local IDEs wouldn't work (school IT sucks). I've not used it for a while, but since recently coming back to it I've been amazed by the amount of languages it supports and how well the IDE functions. Also really love the live server deployment features. I'm hoping to use this a lot for the coding club I'll be running in school next year.

Probably going to continue to use repl.it as a place to quickly test things, I prefer to work on large projects on my local machine. Also looking forward to the multiplayer games competition and Code Jams - although sadly I'm away for the upcoming one :(

A bunch of my work is on my github: www.github.com/ibraheemr
Also it'd be cool if you'd check out my website: www.ibraheemrodrigues.com (front page under construction, click through to posts or projects)

timmy_i_chen (1117)

@IbraheemRodrigues It's okay, we'll do other code jams! Are you part of the Discord server already?