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amasad (2544)

Hello everyone! Let's use this thread to get to know each other. Just say hi and a few words about who you are, maybe what are you building or learning with Repl.it.

If you're not comfortable sharing anything then share something fun 😉

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OwenBradstreet (110)


I'm Owen, and although I'm not new to repl.it I'm very new to the forum part - and I've been very active recently, I love it! I program in Python 3, and (not to blow my own trumpet) I think I'm pretty good. I use repl.it so I can code on my chromebook, and now for this awesome community!
I really hope to become well-known and liked here!

  • Owen
amasad (2544)

@OwenBradstreet Welcome! I've already seen awesome stuff from you and I look forward to more 🙌