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katyadee (1231)

Hi everyone!

Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought you here... whatever you're comfortable with!

Can't wait to get to know y'all.


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UzomaUche (0)

I am Uche Uzoma, I am from Nigeria, Arochukwu Local in Abia State precisely. Presently I stay in Lagos State here in Nigeria. I am a graduate of Computer Science with no knowledge of programming language and that why when i saw this platform and go through their aims and objectives I decided to apply and see if I will be able to achieve that I was not able to achieved while in school.

I've been desiging UI for web and mobile apps using Figma, Adobe XD and MockPlus.
Have been building website using WordPress. I also, have skills in Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, etc.

I look forward to becoming a better Software Developer in Web Development and Mobile App. It's been my aim to become a Professional Full-Stack Software Developer this would be a platform for me to achieve that dream.
I hope luck will be on my side this time.