Hiring a Coding Interface Designer
amasad (2478)

Hey everyone, we're hiring our first designer (outside of @hayaodeh, our cofounder) and we're looking for someone who can both code and design. If you know anyone please recommend them or have them apply to [email protected] with their resumes.

Can also be found on our jobs terminal.

What if you could influence how an entire generation of programmers code?
Despite incremental improvements, programming today has functioned the same way
for almost 50 years. We're looking for contrarian designer-coders to shake up
our stagnant industry. As the designer of our IDE, you'll have a chance to
rethink how millions of coders think about and interact with programming

Position: Coding Interface Designer [Onsite SF]

In this role, you will:

* Create a learnable programming environment: In programming, there typically
  exists an inverse relationship between power and usability. We believe we can
  break the mold of overwhelming cognitive load in coding tools by making
  something that's both approachable and powerful.

* Engage in participatory vision-driven design: We live and breathe our
  community who we engage early on in our design process. However, we're
  unrelenting in pursuing our vision, and we don't shy away from original

* Find your passion: We grew to over a million users with just a 5-person
  team. We're here to do our best work and hold ourselves and coworkers to a
  high standard. We also care about working on something fun and engaging, so we
  automate/outsource away any drudgery.

* Work with an elite team of engineers: To reach the scale of one of the largest
  open computing platforms in the world, we had to build a resilient and
  scalable infrastructure. We battled dark web hackers, crypto miners, and
  script kiddies. We iterated on many different versions and evolved our system
  aggressively despite our growing user base.

* Build design systems: Because IDEs are some of the more complicated pieces of
  software, we have to create scalable UI/UX solutions. You'll be responsible
  for creating frameworks and systems that are adaptable and reusable.

You qualify if:

* You are a designer-coder: Not only have you mastered a design tool where you
  can create pixel-perfect UI, but you also know how to write production-quality
  frontend code.

* You are a generalist: We don't expect you to have experience in every aspect
  of design, but we hope you to be a hacker. Someone who can learn enough to
  solve any challenge thrown their way.

* You build tools: Toolmakers know how things can be more efficient, fun, and
  generally better because they look at workflows with a critical eye. You'll be
  a good fit if you like making tools.

* You are resourceful: We're a lean, efficient startup where you won't find
  heavy-handed management. You need to be able to come up with your own goals
  and know how to balance velocity and quality.

* [Bonus] You've worked or thought about devtools in the past.
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rediar (312)

I still haven’t figured out the jobs terminal.... maybe that’s the first test.

PDanielY (979)

@hayaodeh I figured it out! But, I am underage :c

rediar (312)

nice! is it bash or something? @AppliDev

firefish (308)

@PDanielY If you click the link it goes to a 404... so nothing then I still wonder who ApplDev is...

firefish (308)

@rediar It's a black on black terminal if that helps