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katyadee (1171)

Hi everyone!

Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought you here... whatever you're comfortable with!

Can't wait to get to know y'all.


adityaru (66)

Hello I am Aditya Rao! A programmer very bored due to social distancing...

sadkiwi (1)

@adityaru hello same im super bored

SteffenHaurholm (0)

I would've guessed that programming would be the ideal line of work for working from home...?

ArcTrooper66 (109)

My name is Trey and I have a basketball game tomorrow

JulianF18 (3)

Are you #ClipperNation or #Lakers

Jihadlofi (3)

@JulianF18 lakers are the true la team. But, pelicans are my main team though.

JulianF18 (3)


ethann4 (3)

@ArcTrooper66.. the meme police has approved of your meme, it is always good to see a reborn meme ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

jamesminers (2)

@ArcTrooper66 im point goler i got shoo game

ConorG (1)

Hey Trey. Hope you shoot a few hoops [:

snauman11 (1)

@ArcTrooper66 I play for south yorshire mate got a game against Manchester Giants

2017grievesf (4)

@ConorG i hope u shoot up a school as well

gwhite505 (0)

@ArcTrooper66 good thing your game was before CV. Hope you win.

HernandezJ11 (1)

@ArcTrooper66 did you lose. You probably did lol cuz ur trash

AshleyCoder (0)

@Jihadlofi facts! Lakers are the true LA team. I'm patiently waiting for the season to start back up again

PierreElieBalsa (18)

hi my name is Pierre and I'm quarantined because of Corona so I thought i would pick up coding

EmmaPitner (0)

@PierreElieBalsa and @ everyone with the corona virus on here: I'm so sorry. Best of wishes to you! Try taking a certification test once you get out of quarantine, and find joy in the small things.

CAEDprogramer (0)

Yeah corona sucks, but I get to do school online (which is a whole lot easier)[email protected]

isabella1412 (62)

Hi i am Isabella from London, England
i am enjoying this therapy session

adrianaCoelho (4)

@isabella1412 hello! I'm adriana and i love this therapy session


[email protected] ,im Pablo from London too,glad to see youre enjoying..All the best

RylandNolan (1)

@isabella1412 Hello Isabella, i'm glad you decided to give this a try! but if i did not make myself clear in my previous comment, I WILL be expecting all Big Time Rush Merchandise to be in my possession by the end of the week.

ArianaRizal12Ri (0)

@isabella1412 hello!!
hello i'm from indonesia

BillyEstrada (4)

@ReplTalk no one care about robots

shootyMCshootjr (1)

Hello @isabella1412 this is a great therapy session

fukjooijjjjjj (1)

Hi my name is neothegamer and I am in South Africa Cape Town

fukjooijjjjjj (1)

Hi my name is neothegamer sorry to interfere but you are wrong robots robots are cool

Vandesm14 (2166)

@fabiocrack Don't talk like that. Your comment has been deleted

codergamer420 (134)

Hello My name is Raj Patel and I am from Bangladesh >:). I love coding but i love being a gamer even more. I play minecraft everyday and hope one day be so good at coding notch will give me a free mineraft username. #Banglagamers

Edit: Omg (oh my gosh) thx you so much for 3 replies and 2 upvotes!!! (can we get it to 4?)

codergamer420 (134)

@codergamer420 TBH i have 2 months experience with java but i code with swag
B) <- Me with sunglass

CodingChad69 (12)

@codergamer420 Nice to meet you! I hope you have a great experience using Repl and being part of our commmunity!

Bookie0 (150)

Hi @codergamer420, I also love MINECRAFT, i think it’s one of the best video games (if not the best) ever created!
Did you know the original version was made in only 6 days!?

Have a fabulous day!

codergamer420 (134)

@JamieTrotman16 why are you so toxic? i hate people like you who ruin the coding community, saying "shut up mate" like that hurts people. :(.

GemmaFink (5)

@Bookie0 I love minecraft too! I actually used to run a server for LOTR even though i know nothing about it. it was fun because i did it with my brother and his friend.

Bookie0 (150)

Hey @GemmaFink

Running a server, man that’s cool.

Have a great day

ethna (8)

I just did a repl pn how minecraft is better than fortnite @codergamer420

Cheesehasman (2)

@codergamer420 I:o <- me with no sunglasses

WKrabbenborg (2)

@codergamer420 Notch doesn't give anyone free accounts, just that you know.

ronitjunicode (3)

@codergamer420 i spek bangla but im from india LOL

Francescabrenan (0)

Oh raj I see you, have a good day pal enjoy Asia :))))) @codergamer420


@GemmaFink what did you use to make the server?

whitehat123 (1)

awsome im the same i love minecraft! @codergamer420


@codergamer420 there's one problem with the username... notch does not own Minecraft anymore

GavinMorley1 (1)

@codergamer420 What's your minecraft username? We NEED to craft.

anyaengineer (1)

@codergamer420 Hi i'm Anya nice to meet you!!!!!!!!!

WilliamGosling (5)

do we even need a repl? I think everyone knows that Minecrat is better than Fortnite anyways. That's awesome tho. :)@ethna

Bookie0 (150)

Hi @samuelitokono,

Sorry for the late reply,
I know it’s very impressive! Then again, Minecraft was pretty simple those days unlike now with all the new mods and stuff

Good day!


hah that is very cool i too take part in the minecraft fellow steve i hope we me in a hunger games so i can throughouly and enthusiastically befreind you and team in a match

VladDragomir (0)

@codergamer420 Hello Raj, my name is also Rajesh. Wanna play Fortnite?

KylieMinogue11 (1)

hello raj Patel from bangladesh, what is your [email protected]

KylieMinogue11 (1)

golly gosh @Bookie0 thats flipping mental

KylieMinogue11 (1)

do you want a scap. Fortnite is superior @Bookie0

Bookie0 (150)

Hey @KylieMinogue11
Wait I don’t understand what is flipping mental?

Bookie0 (150)

This isn’t very suitable for a repl chat @KylieMinogue11

Rocksyes (0)

@codergamer420 YASS

My hometown is in Mumbai, but i live in America! I love gaming too! (although i dont get to play a lot bc of school TnT) Have a good day!

Highwayman (961)

Raj Patel: hey can I have 4 upvotes?
Repl.it Community: how about 97? does that work?


epicman702 (72)

@codergamer420 Edit: One bajillion replies and 98 upvotes

Oznerologos (103)

Hola everyone

I'm Lorenzo from Baguette Land (France), I'm a student and came here thanks to my node.js teacher. I mostly code web sites/apps but i'd love to learn more about software development since I enjoyed C# and Python (at least the bits i saw).

skynokk (7)

Bonjour et Bienvenue ! @Oznerologos

hayaodeh (181)

@Oznerologos enchante! do you have some time to chat with me?

C00lguy975 (15)

@Oznerologos Isn't hola a Spanish term?

xxxTraumatikxxx (2)

yo yo big up my man from france

Cloak (2)

i like your baguette @Oznerologos

sixtensmamma (3)

@Oznerologos coward french white flag baguette

TsmDan (6)

@C00lguy975 Yeah I noticed that as I take french class (or i used to)

OathOfCode (21)

@Oznerologos Bonjour et bienvenue sur Replit!


Funny because i am also Lorenzo



How can you be Lorenzo if I am


vous ne savez pas avec qui vous jouez

MonkeyS2 (11)


you like i just pose for it


Aimez-vous le pain jeune homme?






Quand j'étais jeune, je travaillais dans un magasin de pain et je voulais être un modèle. Mes parents m'ont dit que je ne pourrais jamais le faire. Et tu sais quoi, je l'ai fait, regarde-moi maintenant, gagne tout l'argent parce que suis jolie haha.



@2025NAYONAYO I'm amazing my young man, haha, do you like my picture?

2025NAYONAYO (6)

@LZRELEMENT oui!!, Haha, i'm currently taking French at school so i know some phrases + words

OLIVIERtom (7)

Of course baby, give me your snapchat @hayaodeh

gracedaleyxx (4)

hahshahahahaahhahahahahjahahja @sixtensmamma


Ah, cool, où prenez-vous le français, peut-être pourrions-nous coder des trucs ensemble

2025NAYONAYO (6)

@LZRELEMENT Ummm, I'm not that advanced in French


@2025NAYONAYO It's ok my Engliesh es not very god

bobmarley123 (3)

@biggyyycheese if u were a bogey i'd pick you first

2025NAYONAYO (6)

@LZRELEMENT its fine, btw, what did you say?

2025NAYONAYO (6)

@LZRELEMENT oh when you sent me that message in french, what did it mean


Ah, cool, where do you take French, maybe we could code stuff together I had to use google translate to translate this to English @2025NAYONAYO

MAXR7225405420 (0)

love that pick girlfriend
r u a boy?

Jgoose21 (2)



NahidNUR (1)

@Oznerologos Looks like mr oladopia if you know

Bookie0 (150)

Bonjour @Oznerologos moi aussi je peux parler français. (Et ce n’est pas de google translate)! Moi j’aime beaucoup la baguette grillé avec du beurre.

Translation une English:

Hi I also speak French ( and not from google translate!). I like toasted baguette with butter.

JoeGoes8Bit (0)

@Oznerologos hol up you said hola lol that's spanish

al1mal1 (0)

Superbe photo, so "cliché" @Oznerologos

Purple01Flame (15)

@Oznerologos keep the upvotes at 69 or else i will kill

3465728974563 (50)

@C00lguy975 spanish and french both are from Latin, as is italian. Because of this the languages share a lot of the same or similar words, which can mean the same thing.

Thecrowbar1234 (108)

are you a real villain?

OliverRaiss (1)

@tomaszroadman i want to die reading this please commit die (fam)

biggyyycheese (15)

@bobmarley123 oiiii mans not about that life ygm, HAHA, funny yeah

JackRhodes (0)

@C00lguy975 no its a me turn ing into your mum

VladDragomir (0)

@Oznerologos Hello, my name is Rajesh and i can help you with tech issues

awesone959 (1)

@JOSEPHGEYER bruh i agree with this statement

TheGoatBorn (0)

@WillyBender i agree with this statement

PoopMuncher (0)

@LZRELEMENT j'espère avoir autant de pain que toi


Merci monsieur, mais cela n'arrivera jamais à cause des copieuses quantités de pain que je possède

betsaflow (115)

i use coding to fill the void in my heart

IamChernobyl (9)

my void is intoxicated by nuclear gas @betsaflow

GabrielSolano2 (11)

@betsaflow I use coding to distract myself from the perpetual existential crisis i call life


Me too, music isn't bad either. @betsaflow

Lamby777 (57)

@GabrielSolano2 You call life?
Javascript gave me an error... "life is not a function"

antoconno (0)

@GabrielSolano2 I think that's why Im here too :-)

eaz (7)

@betsaflow i use life to fill the void in my coding


Do you need the help of The real Lorenzo

SpaghettiSouls (1)

personally, I use crystal meth to fill my void. because the crystals are transparent, however, I end up using copious amounts of it. @betsaflow

TheGoatBorn (0)

@betsaflow I agree with this, But i like to fill the void in my heart with a heart

KeirHird (33)


JackRhodes (0)

@ismaelbashir unit. what r u 2 years old

JackRhodes (0)

@Jay5 ill give you a problem in a minuet

TheGoatBorn (0)

@ReplTalk My name is Johnny Knoxville... And this is Jackass!

LauraSteinert (92)

Howdy! I'm Laura, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I study mainly Environmental Topics, like global warming and etc, but I LOVEEEEEEEEEE programming! I've been programming in JavaScript for the past three months, and I'm dying to know more <3

katavie (19)

@LauraSteinert Howdy, Laura! Love that gif LOL
Have you ever tried to make a programming project related to environmental topics?

katyadee (1171)

@LauraSteinert Nice to meet you! What got you started learning JS?

LauraSteinert (92)

@katavie Hiiii!
Not quite yet hahahahah I really wanted to know more about programming before I dive in that topic hahaha I feel too much of an n00b for that -3- But I'm trying my best! <3

LauraSteinert (92)

@katyadee Well, I don't know EXACTLY what it was, but I've got a feeling that it was because I've started to teach Technology and Robotics to a group of young girls here in Brazil, and I wanted to know more so I could teach better hahahahah

MatheusPesegogi (1)

Hi @LauraSteinert ! I'm also from brazil! :)

LauraSteinert (92)

@MatheusPesegogi Finalmente hahahahah Alguém do Brasil <3

CicciBz (2)

@LauraSteinert very exciting that you study enviroment. Im very interested in that too!

JulioCesar48 (2)

@LauraSteinert Hi, Laura. I also study Enviromental stuff. But, I must study programming. IDK Y people love programming? Y do u love that?

LauraSteinert (92)

@JulioCesar48 Well, I don't know! hahahah I think that's because it's nice to build something out of nothing, even if it's just some lines of simple code! And it's a wonderful feeling to see how much you could develop in short periods of time, like learning new languages or "mastering" one!

JulioCesar48 (2)

@LauraSteinert Maaaan, i was just doing some homework for the university and that's cool

trinag12 (1)

Hi @LauraSteinert! So happy to meet you! Love meeting people from other countries! Looking forward to learning more too!

ThomasLewis (1)

@LauraSteinert I thought I'd say hi being as you were the lat one to post before I did!

GreyTwhite (0)

I am sorry I am just a ten year old but Global is actually not a threat so technically its not really real the world has been warming and cooling since the last ice age we really have-not affected any thing

KrishK (0)

@LauraSteinert I'd love to become a professional programmer without earning any publicity, any suggestions?

SirPrize (0)

@LauraSteinert Hi Laura! I'm happy that you are here! I have some experience with JS too, that's one of the languages that I aim to apply in my projects.

Brunomf (0)

@LauraSteinert Oh wow, I didn`t expect to find brazilian people here lol, nice to meet you all, my name is Bruno, I am 21 years old, living in Castro, Parana, Brazil. I started out programming mql, now I am also learning c#, and loving the experience for sure.

AlishaRisk (3)

@GreyTwhite Global Warming is a threat, actually.

bcalheira (4)

@LauraSteinert Hello from Brazil!
I am a former Cloud9 user. I'm really enjoying Replit. I use it to study programming, especially python, and to create small legal programs that I use at work.

philipepgaldino (1)

@LauraSteinert Wow, there is actually tons and tons of Brazilians around here from what I'm seeing, lol. Whaddup with you all guys?

LewisFH (6)

@LauraSteinert climate change isnt real we live in a simulation


@LauraSteinert Should the guy in the gif be worried about the fire? Or is he inside?


@LauraSteinert Hah! Cat bread gif. Love it!

swih (0)

@LauraSteinert hey laura my family is from sao paulo

Nicolas_Bessa (1)

@LauraSteinert COOL, mais um BR por aqui.
Ei Laura, qual a maior adversidade q vc vem passando nessa aventura programática??

CalumChalmers (0)

@LauraSteinert no one actually cares. greta thunberg sounding ass

Heypeoples2 (12)

@GreyTwhite Uhhh I think, we did, actually!

ianlibanio (0)

@LauraSteinert I'm from Brazil too, that's cool!

jak3 (0)

@LauraSteinert thats what happens when i see vegetables


That's imossible, you can't be Laura from Sao Paulo, Brazil because I'm already Laura from Sao Paulo Brazil

biggyyycheese (15)

@LauraSteinert there is a fake biggie cheese we need to kill him help me brothers

GoodCoder098 (0)

@LauraSteinert If you want to learn more you should try Khanacademy.org

ljaweesh18 (4)

i corona. i lear coding insted

LizFoster (118)

@ljaweesh18 please mr. corona, don't kill me


My name is Leticia, and I have to learn Python for college

RIPkobebryant (6)

hey I'm Noah Helm and I need a hot girlfriend

Bookie0 (150)

Hello @RIPkobebryant
Someone said this to me, but I don’t want to. I’m willing to let you have this person, their name is Kylie

Have a great day!

KylieMinogue11 (1)

@Bookie0 do you want a go to specsavers

andrew2NY (0)

@KylieMinogue11 Hey do you want to go for a trip to Bermuda Triangle?

KylieMinogue11 (1)

yes please my dad is in there @andrew2NY

gkgkgkgkgk (4)


xBlaziken (13)

@gkgkgkgkgk I feel like this summarizes school for every person in existence

CeoOfHacker (4)

what's up im a russian spy i will hack your mom

MoonLightScreen (16)

Hello everyone! I'm Blair from the Philippines! My college professor recommended using repl.it for Haskell. Let's see how this goes :)

MrShelby (11)

why has the dog got real hands? @MoonLightScreen

LeggoDave (0)

@MoonLightScreen Hi Blair! What programming language are you currently studying?

Monmonmon (1)

@MoonLightScreen Hi Blair,I am also from Philippines are you in college level?

MoonLightScreen (16)

@Monmonmon Yup, I'm a 2nd year Computer Science student!

Monmonmon (1)

@MoonLightScreen Oh do you have a programming subject regarding python?

MadihaAhmad19 (1)

@MoonLightScreen very interesting, I also used Haskell when I was studying A-Level Comp. Science.Although I don't have much experience, I can tell you that it uses Commands


How are you Blair from the Philippines and my college professor requested that I use this as well



herroyou88 (0)

@LeggoDave CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DrakeKennedy (13)

Hey ya'll, I'm Drake from Delaware. I'm an East Coast boy. Since I don't know what else to put so here is a picture of Homer Simpson with Ned Fla

nader's face

LewisFH (6)

@DrakeKennedy drake do you know about that hotline bling

PoojaKulkarni (3)


thats where im from too :)

lilythlerma (3)

Welcome, you have the same name as my brother @DrakeKennedy

ElPancho (1)

@Ljamesm05 That's the face I wanna see before I die

BenFord (11)

Hi, I'm Ben and this is my first AA meeting.

mrmemer (15)

ohh thank you soo much i really apririciciate it my freiend @TaylorLiang

yomyomyom (2)

my dad's out to buy milk rn, not rlly sure whats taking so long

yomyomyom (2)

@yomyomyom dude i dont think hes coming back idk

yummyyummyyummy (1)

@yomyomyom my dad went out to buy milk ten years ago!!

SeppeDijkstra (2)

My name is Seppe and I am looking for some friends, because I have none ☺

Sietse (1)

@SeppeDijkstra Ill be your friend... with benefits ;)

SeppeDijkstra (2)

Thanks @Sietse this is awemsome!!!!!!!

yummyyummyyummy (1)

@SeppeDijkstra may i partake in these activities too xx

SnigdhaRoy (6)

Hi, I'm Snigdha! Itsa me, I breathe.
I'm learning to build stuff and share them. Yeetsicles.

NikolaPopovski (10)

Heya all ! My name is Nick from Macedonia , i am a newbie here , dont know anything about programming but i am keen to learn :)

EseOraka (2)

@NikolaPopovski Thank God I'm not the only one.

JacekRatajewski (10)

What's up
I'm Jack aka Jesus, I will try my best to bless you all, but don't get too many expectations :P. I'm from Poland, country of vodka xd. I'm here becouse my mailbox is saying that i should join this community ^^. I'm design master, css, scss,sass,less i know them just too well that i love them and hate at the same time :/


Hey there, nice intro. Glad to meet you. Maybe you can teach me some tricks in using CSS. @JacekRatajewski

Franzi2002 (3)

Hello, I am new and addicted to oxygen, which is why I have my own plant growing in my room.

badboybubbs (3)

hi im bubbs and im from canada

badboybubbs (3)

listen here bud, up here in the north we don't take nothin'@ReplTalk

KylieMinogue11 (1)

@badboybubbs hey bad boy bubba. i lice your lit ass gloggles. Can you join my organisation Bluberrys On Likable Lobsters On Cars Karolina Skrr (B.O.L.L.O.K.S for short)