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katyadee (1119)

Hi everyone!

Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought you here... whatever you're comfortable with!

Can't wait to get to know y'all.


LanceGerhold (6)

@tobyevans0161 bro omg ur so funny im dying right now


@SCOTBUTZBACH More to add, I have heard that many times that it's stuck in my brain.

betsaflow (26)

i use coding to fill the void in my heart

IamChernobyl (1)

my void is intoxicated by nuclear gas @betsaflow

GabrielSolano2 (2)

@betsaflow I use coding to distract myself from the perpetual existential crisis i call life

LauraSteinert (44)

Howdy! I'm Laura, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I study mainly Environmental Topics, like global warming and etc, but I LOVEEEEEEEEEE programming! I've been programming in JavaScript for the past three months, and I'm dying to know more <3

katavie (13)

@LauraSteinert Howdy, Laura! Love that gif LOL
Have you ever tried to make a programming project related to environmental topics?

katyadee (1119)

@LauraSteinert Nice to meet you! What got you started learning JS?

LauraSteinert (44)

@katavie Hiiii!
Not quite yet hahahahah I really wanted to know more about programming before I dive in that topic hahaha I feel too much of an n00b for that -3- But I'm trying my best! <3

LauraSteinert (44)

@katyadee Well, I don't know EXACTLY what it was, but I've got a feeling that it was because I've started to teach Technology and Robotics to a group of young girls here in Brazil, and I wanted to know more so I could teach better hahahahah

MatheusPesegogi (1)

Hi @LauraSteinert ! I'm also from brazil! :)

LauraSteinert (44)

@MatheusPesegogi Finalmente hahahahah Alguém do Brasil <3

CicciBz (2)

@LauraSteinert very exciting that you study enviroment. Im very interested in that too!

JulioCesar48 (2)

@LauraSteinert Hi, Laura. I also study Enviromental stuff. But, I must study programming. IDK Y people love programming? Y do u love that?

LauraSteinert (44)

@JulioCesar48 Well, I don't know! hahahah I think that's because it's nice to build something out of nothing, even if it's just some lines of simple code! And it's a wonderful feeling to see how much you could develop in short periods of time, like learning new languages or "mastering" one!

JulioCesar48 (2)

@LauraSteinert Maaaan, i was just doing some homework for the university and that's cool

trinag12 (1)

Hi @LauraSteinert! So happy to meet you! Love meeting people from other countries! Looking forward to learning more too!

ThomasLewis (1)

@LauraSteinert I thought I'd say hi being as you were the lat one to post before I did!

GreyTwhite (0)

I am sorry I am just a ten year old but Global is actually not a threat so technically its not really real the world has been warming and cooling since the last ice age we really have-not affected any thing

KrishK (0)

@LauraSteinert I'd love to become a professional programmer without earning any publicity, any suggestions?

SirPrize (0)

@LauraSteinert Hi Laura! I'm happy that you are here! I have some experience with JS too, that's one of the languages that I aim to apply in my projects.

Brunomf (0)

@LauraSteinert Oh wow, I didn`t expect to find brazilian people here lol, nice to meet you all, my name is Bruno, I am 21 years old, living in Castro, Parana, Brazil. I started out programming mql, now I am also learning c#, and loving the experience for sure.

AlishaRisk (0)

@GreyTwhite Global Warming is a threat, actually.

bcalheira (4)

@LauraSteinert Hello from Brazil!
I am a former Cloud9 user. I'm really enjoying Replit. I use it to study programming, especially python, and to create small legal programs that I use at work.

philipepgaldino (0)

@LauraSteinert Wow, there is actually tons and tons of Brazilians around here from what I'm seeing, lol. Whaddup with you all guys?

LewisFH (0)

@LauraSteinert climate change isnt real we live in a simulation


@LauraSteinert Should the guy in the gif be worried about the fire? Or is he inside?


@LauraSteinert Hah! Cat bread gif. Love it!

MoonLightScreen (6)

Hello everyone! I'm Blair from the Philippines! My college professor recommended using repl.it for Haskell. Let's see how this goes :)

MrShelby (2)

why has the dog got real hands? @MoonLightScreen

LeggoDave (0)

@MoonLightScreen Hi Blair! What programming language are you currently studying?

Monmonmon (0)

@MoonLightScreen Hi Blair,I am also from Philippines are you in college level?

MoonLightScreen (6)

@Monmonmon Yup, I'm a 2nd year Computer Science student!

Monmonmon (0)

@MoonLightScreen Oh do you have a programming subject regarding python?

NikolaPopovski (5)

Heya all ! My name is Nick from Macedonia , i am a newbie here , dont know anything about programming but i am keen to learn :)

ebest (558)

I'm Ebest/Eric. I'm a lvl 12 coder who likes to play games and help others. I'm here because I searched for a "online python IDE". This is what I found. My favorite quote is from here:

But honestly if you run the top tier class the programmer class you can have fun at any level.
At the current stage of the meta they can crush noobs even at level 10. So OP.

Life is fun.

katyadee (1119)

@ebest Happy that you're here!

Yusamac205 (0)

@ebest What do you mean by lvl 12 programmer? Is there a level system?

ebest (558)

@snowboardsheep How long have you been CODING?

Oh look, I got a nice quote.

But honestly if you run the top tier class the programmer class you can >have fun at any level.
At the current stage of the meta they can crush noobs even at level 10. So OP.

Only CODING AGE matters.

snowboardsheep (8)

@ebest Coding since I was 8 (scratch), but only started “real” programming when I was 10. (HTML, css, JS)

I guess that would make 3 years, almost 4.

(Ps. I noticed you had a post on the Monty Hall Problem! Pretty cool, here’s my version: https://monty-hall-problem.herokuapp.com/)

ebest (558)

@snowboardsheep 7 years old (scratch) and "real" programming at 9 or 8 (reptile)
Which means we have the same coding age. Hmm.


MurtazaIlyas (1)

@ebest so if your 15 your lvl will be 15 right
or do you have to do coding for 15 years to be lvl 15

mwilki7 (204)

if we're comparing coding ages that makes me a 6 year old 3:

LewisFH (0)

@ebest rah thats so deep

LustyBoi (4)

Hello everyone!my name is Mr Ass but you can call me snitchy witch, I'm a master at lua and python, I'm pretty good at PHP,HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT too umm yeah I also know alot about physical computers and how they work

Monmonmon (0)

@LustyBoi Where do you use python?for back-end or ML?

DrakeKennedy (2)

Hey ya'll, I'm Drake from Delaware. I'm an East Coast boy. Since I don't know what else to put so here is a picture of Homer Simpson with Ned Fla

nader's face

LewisFH (0)

@DrakeKennedy drake do you know about that hotline bling

joshhies (147)

Hi. I am Josh (or Joshhies), and I create stuff with stuff. I love to do stuff and stuff I create is not that good but still :D, I love to do stuff. Thanks guys and keep creating stuff!

JacekRatajewski (3)

What's up
I'm Jack aka Jesus, I will try my best to bless you all, but don't get too many expectations :P. I'm from Poland, country of vodka xd. I'm here becouse my mailbox is saying that i should join this community ^^. I'm design master, css, scss,sass,less i know them just too well that i love them and hate at the same time :/

belachkar (1)

Hi every body

Nice to meet all of you :)

BryanMartinezSa (1)

hi cuties i love yall 😚💗

Pistonman (3)

Hello !
I'm Cyprien Bourotte, I'm 16 years old and I'm french !
I code a lot since I was young (6th grade) and I start with python, witch I still use today.

But I really like to learn new thing such as Machine learning, 3D in pygame, modding, C, Unity5 ( for creating video-game) and even assembly -but it's soo hard OMG- !
As I am talking, I try to lear more about php, so I start a new repl around a website.

My BIG goal is to create at the end a Operating system. So much work but so ententerning !

I also got a youtube channel, because I like to share my creation !

Love you all !

ebest (558)

@Pistonman Lol. I'm a 6th grader right now and I've been coding for at least 3 years.

katyadee (1119)

@Pistonman Welcome, welcome! Feel free to share your youtube.

Zebnoz (2)

Hello there! (Obiwan) I’m Mase, from Texas, USA. I’ve grown up loving how computers and networks worked, and have recently reignited my interest in them. I’ll be instructed at my high school, learning Computer Sciences and the programming language: C# !

I am very much a beginner to programming, the only thing I can really do as of right now is experiment with Scratch, or fiddle around with cmd.exe and packet analyzers. Other than that, make simple animations in JS. <——This dates back to my later years in elementary

A goal I have personally is to acquire all of the knowledge. Plausibly impossible, but it is definitely worth a shot.

What will I do with that knowledge... Who knows?

Side note: Does anybody speak Arabic or know of a community in Repl that does? I’m trying to keep it up to speed.

LustyBoi (4)

@Zebnoz I can speak arabic, whatcha you need help with?

yayack (1)

meow meow nigga

bf109 (1)

Hi I like the Messerschmitt Bf 109.

dhduswp53 (1)

my name is oh yeon jae i am from korea

decoder69 (1)

Hi, my name is Kaleb and I'm completley new to programming. I lack the slightest clue on what I'm doing. I'm attending Crawford texas and I'm excited to learn a new skill!

replitcode (101)

Most of you probably know me (some as Lukas others as just replitcode)
For those of you who may not know me, don't want to know me but came across this post for some reason, or those who know me but want a refresher... Below are some common AND uncommon facts and random things about me you may OR may not find interesting (ENJOY! or don't i guess)

  • I started out programming by fiddling with the administrative cmd.exe (command prompt) shell when I was around 8-9 years old!
  • I found Repl.it Through a google search for full python 3.6 IDE online! From then on, I've been a valued (and O.G. some might say, haha) user since a couple months after their launch date in 2016! I LOVE Repl.it, as you can see by my name probably!
  • I have had a passion for programming and entrepreneurship ever since i had the ability to come across (AND participate in) a code jam created by the Python discord channel (which eventually led to my unceasing and sometimes annoying fondness of the Python language (I'm talking to YOU @JSer!!!)!
  • In the following year of 2020-2021, I will be starting my freshman year of college as a undergraduate majoring in Cyber Crime and Forensics while partaking in a SECOND major or which will be Game Design and Development (this is a concrete passion of mine as well!)!
  • I have a 200 (according to Princeton) IQ and have actually made it through to the esteemed Mensa program for people with IQ's similar or above that of the famous Albert Einstein!
  • I have made SO MANY friends by engaging in the community found within the invisible walls of something AMAZING called Repl.it! Some of these friends include but are not limited to: @mat1 @pyelias @katyadee @timmy_i_chen @Vandesm14 @theangryepicbanana @zwack @Mosrod @JSer and many more!

So this is MY message to the MANY youth and beginners in the world of programming and maybe even socializing! Because you can only FAIL if you NEVER TRY!


This is @replitcode telling you to have a GREAT YEAR!!!

Python is still THE BEST LANGUAGE @JSer

Case_Buttitta (39)

@replitcode smh my head flexing your IQ on us

replitcode (101)

@Case_Buttitta I know right! I just thought it was a cool fact you know?

Case_Buttitta (39)

@replitcode Python is indeed the best language

replitcode (101)

@Case_Buttitta Very much so, glad to see some people are okay with admitting their fealty to the supreme language haha... jk, but you are right, it's a great language!

vedprad1 (709)

@replitcode :


katyadee (1119)

@vedprad1 wat wrong wif python :(

vedprad1 (709)

@katyadee : Well...
To make long story short, I code js, and at my school, coding js means you are in the lowest of the lowest class. Python? Exact opposite.
So that is why I have a personal vendetta against python.

rediar (93)

@replitcode "Some of these friends include but are not limited to: .... and many more!"
"included but not limited to"
are you sure you didn't go to law school?

replitcode (101)

@rediar Haha no! I am just a grammar aficionado! I like to be correct and precise with my wordage!

asifurRahaman (1)

Hello everyone,i am asifur. I am studying CSE. I am here to get knowledge abut programming language

LouisHoad (2)

@asifurRahaman looking fire as always my man :)

ItzChungz (1)


lancerkind (1)

I'm Lance(r) Kind from Kirkland WA, USA. I program in a lot of languages as I teach others how to write feature through building test automation. I write books, and I host podcasts Agile Thoughts and SciFi Thoughts.