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katyadee (1157)

Hi everyone!

Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought you here... whatever you're comfortable with!

Can't wait to get to know y'all.


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LauraSteinert (88)

Howdy! I'm Laura, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I study mainly Environmental Topics, like global warming and etc, but I LOVEEEEEEEEEE programming! I've been programming in JavaScript for the past three months, and I'm dying to know more <3

katavie (19)

@LauraSteinert Howdy, Laura! Love that gif LOL
Have you ever tried to make a programming project related to environmental topics?

katyadee (1157)

@LauraSteinert Nice to meet you! What got you started learning JS?

LauraSteinert (88)

@katavie Hiiii!
Not quite yet hahahahah I really wanted to know more about programming before I dive in that topic hahaha I feel too much of an n00b for that -3- But I'm trying my best! <3

LauraSteinert (88)

@katyadee Well, I don't know EXACTLY what it was, but I've got a feeling that it was because I've started to teach Technology and Robotics to a group of young girls here in Brazil, and I wanted to know more so I could teach better hahahahah

MatheusPesegogi (1)

Hi @LauraSteinert ! I'm also from brazil! :)

LauraSteinert (88)

@MatheusPesegogi Finalmente hahahahah Alguém do Brasil <3

CicciBz (2)

@LauraSteinert very exciting that you study enviroment. Im very interested in that too!

JulioCesar48 (2)

@LauraSteinert Hi, Laura. I also study Enviromental stuff. But, I must study programming. IDK Y people love programming? Y do u love that?

LauraSteinert (88)

@JulioCesar48 Well, I don't know! hahahah I think that's because it's nice to build something out of nothing, even if it's just some lines of simple code! And it's a wonderful feeling to see how much you could develop in short periods of time, like learning new languages or "mastering" one!

JulioCesar48 (2)

@LauraSteinert Maaaan, i was just doing some homework for the university and that's cool

trinag12 (1)

Hi @LauraSteinert! So happy to meet you! Love meeting people from other countries! Looking forward to learning more too!

ThomasLewis (1)

@LauraSteinert I thought I'd say hi being as you were the lat one to post before I did!

GreyTwhite (0)

I am sorry I am just a ten year old but Global is actually not a threat so technically its not really real the world has been warming and cooling since the last ice age we really have-not affected any thing

KrishK (0)

@LauraSteinert I'd love to become a professional programmer without earning any publicity, any suggestions?

SirPrize (0)

@LauraSteinert Hi Laura! I'm happy that you are here! I have some experience with JS too, that's one of the languages that I aim to apply in my projects.

Brunomf (0)

@LauraSteinert Oh wow, I didn`t expect to find brazilian people here lol, nice to meet you all, my name is Bruno, I am 21 years old, living in Castro, Parana, Brazil. I started out programming mql, now I am also learning c#, and loving the experience for sure.

AlishaRisk (3)

@GreyTwhite Global Warming is a threat, actually.

bcalheira (4)

@LauraSteinert Hello from Brazil!
I am a former Cloud9 user. I'm really enjoying Replit. I use it to study programming, especially python, and to create small legal programs that I use at work.

philipepgaldino (1)

@LauraSteinert Wow, there is actually tons and tons of Brazilians around here from what I'm seeing, lol. Whaddup with you all guys?

LewisFH (6)

@LauraSteinert climate change isnt real we live in a simulation


@LauraSteinert Should the guy in the gif be worried about the fire? Or is he inside?


@LauraSteinert Hah! Cat bread gif. Love it!

swih (0)

@LauraSteinert hey laura my family is from sao paulo

Nicolas_Bessa (1)

@LauraSteinert COOL, mais um BR por aqui.
Ei Laura, qual a maior adversidade q vc vem passando nessa aventura programática??

CalumChalmers (0)

@LauraSteinert no one actually cares. greta thunberg sounding ass

Heypeoples2 (12)

@GreyTwhite Uhhh I think, we did, actually!

ianlibanio (0)

@LauraSteinert I'm from Brazil too, that's cool!

jak3 (0)

@LauraSteinert thats what happens when i see vegetables


That's imossible, you can't be Laura from Sao Paulo, Brazil because I'm already Laura from Sao Paulo Brazil

biggyyycheese (9)

@LauraSteinert there is a fake biggie cheese we need to kill him help me brothers