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katyadee (1193)

Hi everyone!

Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought you here... whatever you're comfortable with!

Can't wait to get to know y'all.


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Oznerologos (108)

Hola everyone

I'm Lorenzo from Baguette Land (France), I'm a student and came here thanks to my node.js teacher. I mostly code web sites/apps but i'd love to learn more about software development since I enjoyed C# and Python (at least the bits i saw).

skynokk (7)

Bonjour et Bienvenue ! @Oznerologos

hayaodeh (183)

@Oznerologos enchante! do you have some time to chat with me?

C00lguy975 (15)

@Oznerologos Isn't hola a Spanish term?

xxxTraumatikxxx (2)

yo yo big up my man from france

Cloak (2)

i like your baguette @Oznerologos

sixtensmamma (3)

@Oznerologos coward french white flag baguette

TsmDan (6)

@C00lguy975 Yeah I noticed that as I take french class (or i used to)

OathOfCode (23)

@Oznerologos Bonjour et bienvenue sur Replit!


Funny because i am also Lorenzo



How can you be Lorenzo if I am


vous ne savez pas avec qui vous jouez

MonkeyS2 (11)


you like i just pose for it


Aimez-vous le pain jeune homme?






Quand j'étais jeune, je travaillais dans un magasin de pain et je voulais être un modèle. Mes parents m'ont dit que je ne pourrais jamais le faire. Et tu sais quoi, je l'ai fait, regarde-moi maintenant, gagne tout l'argent parce que suis jolie haha.



@2025NAYONAYO I'm amazing my young man, haha, do you like my picture?

2025NAYONAYO (6)

@LZRELEMENT oui!!, Haha, i'm currently taking French at school so i know some phrases + words

OLIVIERtom (7)

Of course baby, give me your snapchat @hayaodeh

gracedaleyxx (4)

hahshahahahaahhahahahahjahahja @sixtensmamma


Ah, cool, où prenez-vous le français, peut-être pourrions-nous coder des trucs ensemble

2025NAYONAYO (6)

@LZRELEMENT Ummm, I'm not that advanced in French


@2025NAYONAYO It's ok my Engliesh es not very god

bobmarley123 (3)

@biggyyycheese if u were a bogey i'd pick you first

2025NAYONAYO (6)

@LZRELEMENT its fine, btw, what did you say?

2025NAYONAYO (6)

@LZRELEMENT oh when you sent me that message in french, what did it mean


Ah, cool, where do you take French, maybe we could code stuff together I had to use google translate to translate this to English @2025NAYONAYO

MAXR7225405420 (0)

love that pick girlfriend
r u a boy?

NahidNUR (1)

@Oznerologos Looks like mr oladopia if you know

Bookie0 (2791)

Bonjour @Oznerologos moi aussi je peux parler français. (Et ce n’est pas de google translate)! Moi j’aime beaucoup la baguette grillé avec du beurre.

Translation une English:

Hi I also speak French ( and not from google translate!). I like toasted baguette with butter.

JoeGoes8Bit (0)

@Oznerologos hol up you said hola lol that's spanish

al1mal1 (0)

Superbe photo, so "cliché" @Oznerologos

Purple01Flame (30)

@Oznerologos keep the upvotes at 69 or else i will kill

3465728974563 (53)

@C00lguy975 spanish and french both are from Latin, as is italian. Because of this the languages share a lot of the same or similar words, which can mean the same thing.

Thecrowbar1234 (146)

are you a real villain?

OliverRaiss (1)

@tomaszroadman i want to die reading this please commit die (fam)

biggyyycheese (15)

@bobmarley123 oiiii mans not about that life ygm, HAHA, funny yeah

JackRhodes (0)

@C00lguy975 no its a me turn ing into your mum

VladDragomir (0)

@Oznerologos Hello, my name is Rajesh and i can help you with tech issues

awesone959 (1)

@JOSEPHGEYER bruh i agree with this statement

TheGoatBorn (0)

@WillyBender i agree with this statement


Merci monsieur, mais cela n'arrivera jamais à cause des copieuses quantités de pain que je possède

phoenixscot (0)

it's a drunk villain

Kognise (403)

@biggyyycheese Hey, please try to be kind and respectful to fellow replers! Sorry for the late response.

Kognise (403)

@OLIVIERtom Hey, this isn't appropriate in the least.