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Introducing Julia support
amasad (1384)

Typically programmers are forced to make a tradeoff between speed and ease-of-use. Julia's designers set out to solve this problem and make a language that achieves both! It seems to have achieved its goal as its one of the world's fastest growing programming languages. No doubt it's the third-most requested language on Repl.it. That's why today we're excited to announce Julia support.


Julia also ships with an amazingly powerful REPL. In typical Repl.it fashion you'll be able to write full programs in the IDE and then drop into the REPL to explore the output:

However, it doesn't stop at that. Julia ships with a really nice documentation engine in the REPL. Simply hit control+? and you'll get the help prompt:

Finally, Julia has an easy way to include packages from its registry and Repl.it supports that too:


This release comes on the heels of our TypeScript release. This is because we've built infrastructure that allows supporting more languages faster in the future.

Give Julia spin and let us know what you think.

Zavexeon (303)

I smell Ruby inspired syntax.

mirestrepo (0)

Is there an ability to create a Julia classroom. Julia doesn't appear in the drop down options. Thanks!

joshday (0)

Super cool! Is it possible to add a Project.toml file to add dependencies?