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Introducing Repl.it offline!
enigma_dev (7051)


Introducing: Repl.it Offline!

Our most requested feature has come: an offline IDE!
⚡ No syntax highlighting (Seriously, who needs that?!)
⏱ High response time (~14 days)
No dark mode. It's seriously just paper!😒
Check it out!

Warhawk947 (453)

When I first saw this post, I was suspicious of what it could do. However, I decided to try it out, thinking what could go wrong? I mailed them a simple python script print('hello world!') and waited. Quite a while later, I received a piece of paper with the following on it.

Ran in 69.420 weeks
Output: Stop Wasting our time!!!

It was at this moment that I realized that repl.it wasn't lying. This is truly a breakthrough in technology. 10/10

Xeoth (4)

Truly a marvel of modern software engineering.

CaptainAnon (111)

@Xeoth I agree; the next step must surely be to obtain funding to build an automated warehouse for processing the overwhelming influx of code.

wulv (46)

My cousin worked there as a human compiler and said it was great, until one day, someone sent him a program with an infilite loop. Never saw him since. Poor guy...

Vilagamer999 (3)

Can't wait for the "Pidgeon Post" sending option!

eaz (8)

and even better, repl.it supports coffeescript so we can now do HyperText CoffeePot Control Protocol over IPoAC!
ive been waiting for this moment for years!

sugarfi (482)

do you accept morse code transmissions of the code?

AmazingMech2418 (461)

@sugarfi .-- . .-.. .-../.. -/... .... --- ..- .-.. -..

AmazingMech2418 (461)

@sugarfi -- --- .-. ... ./-.-. --- -.. ./.. .../.- .-- . ... --- -- .

IceWolfy1 (3)

Yes ivr always wanted this. The time has come where i can use a online based website offline. Now i wont have problems when my wifi is too fast and wont let me use repl.

CaptainAnon (111)

Do you accept telegrams or faxed documents?

LiamDonohue (273)

this is so beautiful. repl.it has achieved something no other has.
5 stars

MatthewDoan1 (334)

Yasss!! Just like the good old days!

Agwebberley (1)

Must be April Fools!

ChezCoder (1206)

Technology Breakthrough

AmazingMech2418 (461)

Wait, is this real? I honestly thought at first that it would just be a downloaded version of Repl.it that doesn't use Internet... However, with this, all that is needed now is a neural network (or whatever else you want to use) handwriting reading AI that reads handwriting from scanned paper to then figure out what the code is and then run it and print out the results to be mailed. Though on the jobs page, there actually is one titled "human compiler" (well "human-compiler.txt" since it is based on the Linux terminal apparently).

DJQst (0)

I've been trying to find a good IDE, and this is it. Thank you so much

Anthony_Tonev (96)

Also no crashing. Best update so far.

rediar (261)

Who knew you could do this?

roylatgnail (840)

missed opportunity to just open google docs offline