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LLC GOLANG: Learning Club Formatting Update
katyadee (1183)

Hey everyone! Big update for our golang learning club. We’re going to be changing up the format a little bit:

— We’re migrating from gobyexample to sentdex’s YouTube series, available here.

— Most weeks, we’ll cover one video a week. This is subject to change both based on user demand & the content of the video. For the week of April 29, we will cover videos 1 + 2. Some weeks there may also be additional supporting material.

— At the beginning of every week, I will post something on learn containing the link to the video and a short description of what we’ll be learning, as well as the link to a Google Form where you’re welcome to submit a question for our Monday quiz. The subject line will always begin with “LLC GOLANG:”

— By each Friday, please make sure you’ve submitted your question (with the answer) to the Google Form. The questions may only contain information covered in videos we’ve already viewed. Questions will only be crowdsourced — if you guys don’t submit, you don’t get a quiz!

— Monday quizzes will be posted on learn.

— At the end of the tutorial, we will have a golang challenge, TBD.