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Massively Multiplayer Hackathon
amasad (2535)

EDIT: submissions closed. We're now preparing matches. We'll notify you soon.

EDIT: Team assignments here: https://repl.it/talk/announcements/MMH-Go/23242

Thanksgiving weekends are known to be boring -- what do?


We're excited to introduce the first ever Massively Multiplayer Hackathon. Here is how it works:

  1. You sign up using this website: https://mmh.amasad.repl.co/
  2. On Friday the 29th 5pm PT you'll be dropped into a Multiplayer repl with 2-3 other people picked at random*
  3. You make something cool
  4. Sunday December 1st you submit your repl
  5. Our judges will pick the winner

1st prize: $200 Amazon gift card for each team member
2nd prize: $100 Amazon gift card for each team member
3rd prize: $50 Amazon gift cards for each team member

The theme will be announced on the day of Hackathon.

Here is where it gets real interesting: ALL THE REPLS WILL BE PUBLIC and will be listed on a website somewhere so anyone can watch you code.

  • It's going to be MASSIVE
  • It's going to be Multiplayer
  • It's going to be a Massively Multiplayer Hackathon (MMH)

Sign up: https://mmh.amasad.repl.co/

*: in some cases, if our fancy algorithm is struggling, we might have to place people manually