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Monthly Repls - January 2021
TheDrone7 (1654)

Hey there replers, we back at it again! Here are this month's MONTHLY REPLS! For those who do not know what these are, these are the repl talk posts that were made during the last month, i.e. the first month of this new year January 2021, and are really interesting and really worth checking out.

By the way, this month, we had 6129 posts created in total! Seeing the huge number of posts, I decided to make these a bit more "selective", which means. Basically, there were too many to list so I just shortlisted them a bit. Be sure to share any other interesting posts in the comments.

Anyways, here we go!

One of the very less used boards on repl talk is the templates but this month, we actually received quite a few of those. Of which the following 2 were done really well.

Starting with @Zavexeon's Modular discord.js bot template and @DartZII's Discord.py bot starter kit - the two covers all the basic requirements of creating and hosting a discord bot on repl.it in both the popular languages for the purpose.

@DartZII also created this discord bot which generates QR codes containing your messages.

Getting back to the epic posts and tutorials on repl talk, we have @frissyn's ReplStats - a website where you can see your repls' statistics (hits by day) in a graphical form, alongside Reflux tutorial - a tool they created themselves for customizing your repl.it editor theme!

Followed up by @lilykhan and @k9chelsea2's website for wishing our beloved social media manager - @piemadd a happy 18th birthday right here.

Meanwhile, @SixBeeps created a 2D aim game to help you improve your response times in FPS games alongside implementing a rather brain-teasing game called Nonograms.

@benji10 developed this collision-detection platformer thingy. What got it into this list, however, is the fact that they created it using Vanilla CSS and Vanilla JS only. No external libraries.

And next up are @Baconman321's Portfolio website where you can see how one can make just plain text look so cool with a simple concept of animate-with-scroll. They also wrote this very fun tutorial on how to create a web server in go.

Feeling too good? Don't worry @bwoop's got you with their annoying website.

Have you checked out the Visual HTML editor created by @19wintersp? Giga cool concept.

We have all seen many 3D Chess games and many text-based chess games as well, but have you ever seen a 2D chess game that runs in console? Credits go to @EpicGamer007 and @dakshg for creating this beauty.

@Coder100 is back! With his SNEK AI which is a really cool alteration of the classic snake game. Here, you are not the snake but a human who has to make the AI snake collide with itself by strategically planting trees, what's more? It's 3D! He also reveals his method of creating 2D shooting games in this tutorial.

Madlad @rafrafraf creates a live chat room in one line of code and also takes down a scamming website with fellow replers!

@Barry123 created MAGMA a really simple game in which you have to just - not die.

Want to create your own Linux system? Check out @programmeruser's tutorial on how you can do it!

Waku teaches assembly language in details in his tutorials - part one and part two.

Finally, any constructive feedback is appreciated! And be sure to see the comments section just in case someone else has left one for you to check out.

And finally now, that's all for this month. See you all next month with another set of monthly highlights.

UnluckyFroggy (671)

If I eat myself will I get twice as big or disappear completely?

RhinoRunner (646)

@UnluckyFroggy You would die before you could finish

RhinoRunner (646)

@UnluckyFroggy I guess if you could somehow eat yourself, your body would be in your stomach, but when you eat that, everything you eat from then on out would spill out on the ground.
ok im going to throw up thinking about this.

EpicRaisin (245)

Great job to everyone on the list! I think it's great that repl.it recognizes the coolest, best, and most awesome posts of the month. It gives you a reason to try to make your post popular (besides the meaningless internet points), and it's great to be able to look back at the month and see what the community has done. Repl.it may be advertised as an online multi-lang IDE, but it's community is certainly one of the best things in the site, so these monthly posts are great. Keep it up, repl.it!

Baconman321 (809)

@EpicRaisin Yes, yes.

Except for the people who spend months/years on something and post it and it only gets.... 0 (yes... 0) upvotes!

Posting a MC remake is like 200% more likely to get popular than a machine learning algorithm or an equation solver.

Bookie0 (5676)

Oh wait, and this is on time!!!


TheDrone7 (1654)

@Bookie0 I legit posted it Feb 1 00:00:01 Pacific time.

Bookie0 (5676)

@TheDrone7 I applaud your brave action, thank you kind sir.

IntellectualGuy (385)

@TheDrone7 Your effort shall be remembered

Kookiez (349)

@FloCal35 the loopback was supposed to replace it

TheDrone7 (1654)

@Kookiez it wasn't technically supposed to but I just assumed it would be enough lol.

Baconman321 (809)




I mean, uhm.... let's keep it down, me.

Thx so much!

bwoop (99)

Getting mentioned made me happy feelings.

rafrafraf (1370)

"Madlad @rafrafraf creates a live chat room in one line of code and also takes down a scamming website with fellow replers!" ahahaha thanks for including me and welldone to everyone else too!

TheDrone7 (1654)

@rafrafraf IDK bout the others' opinions but the one-line live chat app is a pretty madlad feat imo.

HahaYes (1901)

Why am I getting blamed for raiding repltalk hold up

Codemonkey51 (1036)

Hai how r u @HahaYes haven't seen u in a while

HahaYes (1901)

@Codemonkey51 doing pretty good gonna pop in here and there haha

Codemonkey51 (1036)

Nice :) I kinda returned to repl talk. @HahaYes

Whippingdot (431)

I thought i had a good tutorial 😢 at least i hope i get february's monthly repls with my website for repl.it NOICE love it other than that

TheDrone7 (1654)

@Whippingdot as I always say in the post. I could've made an oopsie and missed out on a good post, so leave a link in the comments section.

FloCal35 (369)

Yeah @Whippingdot, I made an Among Us game a few months ago and it was trending for a while (15 I think) but didn't get a mention (NOT saying that was a mistake or that you should have just wanted to let Whippingdot know that not all trending repls get a mention)

Whippingdot (431)

i know 😔😔😔 But i think repl.it is more fair. They know which repls took hard effort i think @FloCal35

programmeruser (535)

@TheDrone7 I created a C++ tutorial that is probably the most detailed on repl.it and I didn't get a mention (this was in november): https://repl.it/talk/learn/Full-C-Tutorial/77227

benji10 (22)

Oh wow, I didn't even know this was a thing until I got mentioned. Thanks so much!! 😊

LoganSpong (54)

BTW, I left repl.it for now. Moved on to other things.

JBloves27 (1532)

Congrats to everyone!

EpicGamer007 (1540)

Good job everyone!
Also, tysm for the mention, though @dakshg did help a lot with chess.

TheDrone7 (1654)

@EpicGamer007 I'll update the post and include them as well then.

JDOG787 (426)

Good job everyone! Maybe I should try posting on repl talk again😅

EpicGamer007 (1540)

@JDOG787 ur projects are always amazing, i would love to see u post s'more

Codemonkey51 (1036)

Lmao u were thinking of making a post, and I just recently made that blog chat post :O @JDOG787

JDOG787 (426)

@Codemonkey51 i was thinking about posting?

JDOG787 (426)

@Codemonkey51 nvm i didnt see it was this comment, now it makes sense lol

Codemonkey51 (1036)

Oh cool ignore my last comment then @JDOG787

Codemonkey51 (1036)

I don't think so :thonk: @JDOG787

Codemonkey51 (1036)

Want to talk in multiplayer repl for better live chat? @JDOG787

Codemonkey51 (1036)

Y u invite me to that repl lmao? Also when I joined u weren't online F @JDOG787

k9chelsea2 (768)

congrats to everyone on that list and everyone else who posted epic posts this month.

SixBeeps (4806)

There are so many awesome posts in here that I'm surprised I didn't see earlier. Good work everyone!

programmeruser (535)

Correction: "Linux distro" should be "Linux system" since it's really more of a embedded system instead of a full linux distro

TheDrone7 (1654)

@programmeruser I quoted you on that one, will make the changes.

CodingCactus (4119)

@Baconman321's site is actually super cool