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Hey there replers! 1 week ago, we started the second series of repl.it weekly challenges and for the first challenge of this month's weekly challenge series, you were asked to compare two numbers without using any comparision operators or mathematical operators/functions. We received some amazing submissions over the week. But before all the exciting parts, here's some tips for you all to score higher!


  1. TEST YOUR CODE - Most of the submissions are made in the first 4 days of the week, there are 3 days still remaining, testing your code to verify that multiple possible test cases can ensure you won't get disqualified (get a score of 0).
  2. BE CREATIVE - Most of the challenges are programs that most probably have no practical use whatsoever, these are only here to test your creative capabilities, go all out in this field.
  3. FOLLOW GOOD PROGRAMMING GUIDELINES - Although this is not a deciding factor but following programming practices such as proper variable naming syntax such as snake_case in python, C, C++ and camelCase in JS, Java can get you bonus points in case, you did not score high enough without it.
  4. Code golfing is totally allowed and won't affect your score in any way.

And that's it. This is not the exact criteria that your submissions will be judged according to but it will give you a basic idea.


Here's the results for the weekly challenge #5.

RANK 1 : @a5rocks and @AmazingMech2418

RANK 2 : @Coder100 @EthanHorowitz and @PYer

RANK 3 : @DannyIsCoding @DynamicSquid and @Scoder12

In case you did not make into the top 3, you can check out your score at the weekly results website - https://weekly.thedrone7.repl.co

But before that, here's this week's weekly challenge for you all!

Prime digits!

You are to find out any possible prime numbers that can be formed using digits from a number entered by a user without re-arranging them.

User input : 241739

Here, the following prime numbers can be seen in the number -

2, 3, 7, 17, 41, 73, 173, 241, 739, 2417, 241739

without re-arranging the digits in the number.

And as usual, it should all have proper prompts and human readable interactions.


For submitting your repls, post them on the repl talk share board and ensure that they contain #WEEKLY in their name.

NOTE : You cannot have multiple weekly challenge submissions but if you want to share multiple ways of achieving the goal, you can make regular posts that don't contain #WEEKLY in their name, even WEEKLY is fine.

And that's it for today, code away and have fun replers!

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