New course: How to teach yourself coding with Quizlet Founder Andrew Sutherland
PatrickAtReplit (36)

We're doing a live online course this August!

Andrew Sutherland, the founder of Quizlet, will be teaching you how to teach yourself coding.

More details on our blog.

Sign up now! (free for Hacker subscribers, now just $5/month)

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jrgarrigues (0)

Once you have signed up, is there any kind of confirmation that you are actually approved for attendance? I signed up and the web page responded with, "your response has been noted" but that's it. No acknowledgment in email, or URL to use for the class on Monday. Wondering if there's a step missing?

jrgarrigues (0)

Got an email this morning - all set now. Thanks & see ya' in class.

PatrickAtReplit (36)

@jrgarrigues Great, we'll see you tomorrow!